Lexus electrifies Black Panther: Long Live Wakanda Gala with New RZ 450e

Lexus Black Panther Yasasin Wakanda Gala Electrified With New RZ e
Lexus electrifies Black Panther Long Live Wakanda Gala with New RZ 450e

Premium car maker Lexus took part in another project that excited moviegoers. In Marvel Studios' new Black Panther movie, Lexus' all-electric model, the RZ 450e, also took the lead role.

“Black Panther: Long Live Wakanda” hits theaters in Turkey on November 11.

Lexus, which previously collaborated with the Marvel Studios Black Panther super coupe model LC 500, took its place in the new movie with the RZ 450e, which has the latest technological features.

In the new RZ 450e, Lexus took a futuristic approach to the new vehicle by using the design freedom brought by all-electric vehicles, so the RZ 450e's distinctive look fits seamlessly with the theme of the movie. RZ 450e, which will be on sale in Turkey as of next year, will be introduced to consumers in Turkey for the first time with the Black Panther movie.

Used by Dora Milaje warriors in the movie, the RZ 450e stands out with its 230 kW (313 HP) power and 400 km travel on a single charge. In the movie, which includes many chase scenes, the RZ 450e successfully escapes thanks to the One Motion Grip steering wheel that provides agile driving, the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system that brings superior stability, and the e-Axle engines that provide uninterrupted power to the front and rear wheels.

As Lexus continues its collaboration with the Black Panther series, the new all-electric RZ 450e proves to be the perfect companion with its advanced features as one of Dora Milaje's state-of-the-art equipment.

Lexus Electrifies New Black Panther Movie With RZ e poster

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