Hyundai Increases Brand Value to $17 Billion

Hyundai Increases Brand Value to Billion Dollars
Hyundai Increases Brand Value to $17 Billion

Hyundai was ranked 35th by the world-renowned brand research organization Interbrand. Interbrand also increased Hyundai's brand value by 14 percent compared to the previous year. Hyundai showed a rapid growth by increasing its brand value to 2022 billion dollars in 17.

Constantly at the forefront with its new models in the automotive market and investments in technology, Hyundai continues to draw attention with its brand value. According to the research results of Hyundai Motor Company, Interbrand; Ranked 35th in global brand value for the second year in a row, it completed the eighth year in a row by entering the top 40. Along with this assessment of the world-renowned Interbrand, the company's strategic work on electric vehicles also played an important role in expanding its vision for future mobility.

Interbrand announced that Hyundai's brand value increased by 14 percent compared to the previous year and reached 2022 billion dollars in 17,3. zamAt the same time, it preserved its place among the top 40 brands. Hyundai's EV models, which show the fastest growth among automotive brands excluding luxury and premium competitors, played a key role in this important success. Hyundai's ever-growing IONIQ series has brought innovative technologies and exciting designs to the increasingly competitive EV segment. The IONIQ 5, which has been on sale in our country recently, also determines the design and technology direction for Hyundai's future EV models.

In addition to its future-oriented technologies, Hyundai continues to increase its brand credibility and empathy with proactive environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.

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