Ford Trucks Became 'The Most Admired Logistics Supplier' of 2022!

Became Ford Trucks' Most Admired Logistics Supplier
Ford Trucks Became 'The Most Admired Logistics Supplier' of 2022!

The global brand Ford Trucks, which stands out in the heavy commercial vehicle industry with its engineering experience and heritage of more than 60 years, was selected as the "Most Admired Logistics Supplier" at the 13th Atlas Logistics Awards.

The Atlas Logistics Awards competition, which is organized by Aysberg Press and consists of the representatives of the International Transporters Association (UND), the most influential non-governmental organizations in the selectively established transportation and logistics sector, and the International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD), and national media and sectoral publications, has concluded. 114 candidates applied for the competition. In addition to the categories in which companies compete according to their operational success or projects that have been implemented, 12 thousand 48 votes were cast in the category of "The Most Admired of the Year", the results of which are determined by internet voting.

Competing in the category of "Logistics Supplier of the Year" and serving in the heavy commercial sector for more than 60 years with the vision of "Creating value with the most efficient transportation solutions", Ford Trucks received the highest vote in this category and was selected as "The Most Admired Logistics Supplier of 2022".

Ford Trucks maintains its trust-based and deep-rooted relationships in logistics

One of the reasons for the success of the global brand Ford Trucks, which continues to produce and develop heavy commercial vehicles for both domestic and foreign markets, is the strength it receives from its customers and its customer-focused work without compromising. Turkish logistics companies are in a very important position in the world, especially in road transport, and they play a critical role in the realization of billions of dollars of trade volume. These deep-rooted and powerful logistics companies with international success come together with Ford Trucks' experience in the heavy commercial vehicle industry, its production power and innovative practices, and thanks to these collaborations, both Ford Trucks and logistics companies grow stronger. Ford Trucks continues to maintain its deep-rooted relations based on trust, both in sales and after-sales services to the logistics industry, as it has been for many years. In particular, Ford Trucks F-MAX, which was awarded the “2019 International Truck of the Year” award, developed by Turkish engineers and produced in Eskişehir, won the admiration of companies and drivers with its high-performance engine and advanced technological equipment. Ford Trucks vehicles provide great advantages to users on long journeys with their low costs and the power, efficiency and comfort they offer.

Ford Trucks aims to pioneer the technologies of the future

Ford Trucks, which has been serving in the heavy commercial sector for more than 60 years, exhibited its 100% electric truck and connected and autonomous driving technologies developed by Ford Otosan's engineering capabilities, technology production and R&D power at the International Commercial Vehicle Fair held in Hannover recently. (IAA) introduced.

Ford Trucks continues to introduce innovative products and services in order to "become a companion who cares about its customers and improves their business"...

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