Tesla Takes Chinese Employees to America

Tesla Brings Its Jinn Employees to the USA
Tesla Takes Chinese Employees to the USA

A group of skilled workers from China is sent to Fremont to the USA to seriously increase production. Of the four factories of Tesla that produce electric cars and are still active, the facility that gives Elon Musk the most happiness is the one located in China. Although the facility called “Gigafactory” in China was closed many times due to the corona epidemic; however, Model 3 production has walked much faster than factories in Germany and Texas since the start of 2020.

As a matter of fact, the Gigafactory in China is currently displaying the highest production numbers. In second place comes the Fremont facility in California, the first established Tesla factory. Now, according to the statements, a group of expert workers from China are sent to Fremont to increase production significantly.

Now the factory in Fremont will also be upgraded with help from China. Among the 200 expert Tesla employees to be sent there will be automation and pilotage (steering gear) engineers.

The targeted capacity for the Fremont plant is not specified in the announced report. Tesla has been giving this as 2022 per year for Model 3 and Model Y, and 550 per year for Model S and Model X since the second quarter of 100.

Previously, the annual capacity given for Model 3 and Model Y was 500 thousand. But since the beginning of this year, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has emphasized the need to increase capacity by 50 percent for both the Gigafactory in China and the Fremont facility in California.

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