Pirelli Reminds Drivers to Switch to Winter Tires

Pirelli Reminds Drivers to Switch to Winter Tires
Pirelli Reminds Drivers to Switch to Winter Tires

Emphasizing that drivers who drive long distances in winter and want to achieve the best performance in all kinds of cold weather should choose winter tires, Pirelli warned users that the effect of summer tires decreases when the air temperatures drop below +7°C.

Another privilege Pirelli provides for those who switch to winter tires is the tire hotel, which allows them to store their unused summer tires under suitable conditions. Thanks to the tire hotel service offered by Pirelli authorized dealers, Pirelli customers can protect their summer tires in a dry, cool, safe environment away from sunlight, acid and oil-like chemicals. On the other hand, Pirelli offers 2 advantageous campaigns to its customers who want to change their tires this winter. Pirelli offers Yapı Kredi World 1 installments with no interest-free interest between October 31st and December 8st, as well as protecting a damaged tire in case of unintentional damage caused by external factors such as punctures, impacts or burning, without any additional charge, within the scope of the Tyrelife Tire Guarantee. It also provides an opportunity to Customers who purchase at least 4 Pirelli brand 17'' wheels and above for Auto, SUV (4×4), All Season or Light Commercial (maximum 3.500kg) vehicle tires from Pirelli Authorized Dealers can benefit from the campaign free of charge.

“Pirelli winter tires guarantee superior handling, safe braking and excellent traction”

Pirelli, which stands out with its tires for different vehicles, from sports cars to luxury sedans, from city vehicles to tires used in severe winter conditions and motor sports, has Run Flat tires that can move even when burst, Sealinside tires that can repair themselves with their pasty layer, and Noise that provides a quieter and more comfortable ride. It promises maximum performance in snowy, wet and dry conditions for the winter period with its PNCS (with sponge) product range. The sidewalls of winter tires have M+S (M=Mud, S=Snow) and 3PMSF (Snowflake in the Three Peaked Mountain symbol) markings.

“Winter tires for different needs at Pirelli”

Pirelli's winter tires guarantee superior road holding, excellent traction and safe braking even on surfaces with poor grip, thanks to their “softer” compound that performs strongly even when the air temperature drops below zero. The chemical properties of winter tire compounds allow a significant reduction in wet braking (up to 15%) and shorter braking distances on snow-covered roads (up to 50%) compared to summer tires. The special tread patterns of winter tires also contribute to achieving superior performance levels. Thanks to its capillary channel pattern design that collects snow, it improves the traction on the snowy surface by covering the tire surface with snow, while providing maximum mobility without using chains. In addition, wide grooves allow water to be discharged quickly and effectively, preventing the danger of aquaplaning and offering maximum safety.

“Winter expert for SUVs: Scorpion Winter 2”

Developed as a winter specialist for high-performance SUVs, the TÜV SÜD approved Scorpion Winter 2 does not compromise on safety and performance in winter conditions. Scorpion Winter 2, which stands out with its pattern design that can compress the snow more, promises excellent braking performance and mileage on snow, wet and dry roads with three-dimensional sipes. While the main channel grooves of Scorpion Winter 2 provide extra water drainage, drivers enjoy safe driving with optimized aquaplaning performance. The extraordinary dough used in Scorpion Winter 2, developed using an innovative liquid polymer system that can improve performance in rain and snow, also stands out with its durable structure.

“Excellent performance for high-end vehicles: Winter Sottozero 3”

The winter tire Winter Sottozero 3, specially designed for a wide range of premium cars with superior driving performance, creates excellent road performance in all winter conditions with its functional rubber mixture. The directional double-arrow tread pattern of the Winter Sottozero 3 provides unmatched traction in winter conditions, while the 3D fin technology impresses with increased steering control and reduced braking distance on dry roads. Wider grooves in the Winter Sottozero 3 also allow drivers to achieve excellent handling on wet roads and achieve the desired result in terms of braking performance.

“Breaking the mold of winter: P Zero Winter”

Joint development with automobile manufacturers, perfect compatibility and high performance zamKeeping it among its core values, P Zero Winter maintains this philosophy in the winter season as well. Proving its claim with high lamellar density inner shoulders and lateral and diagonal ducts that maximize traction and braking on snowy ground, P Zero Winter creates the same driving feeling as summer tires even in harsh weather conditions. The dough structure, tread pattern and technical improvements of the P Zero Winter also offer high snow traction and extra braking.

“Promising safety and comfort: Cinturato Winter 2”

Cinturato Winter 2, which makes a difference with its innovative dough mixture and three-dimensional sipe-shaped pattern that provides superior performance in winter, is positioned as a part of modern cars and CUVs. The linear sipes in the pattern structure of Cinturato Winter 2 give way to new zigzag-shaped grooves as the tire wears. Thus, handling on dry, wet and snowy surfaces is guaranteed for the life of the tire. Offering increased mileage and longevity without compromising its high performance on wet and snowy surfaces, Cinturato Winter 2 provides comfort to drivers in the winter season with its significantly reduced noise level. In addition, these tires have been approved for the Performance mark by the German certification body TÜV SÜD, which is famous for its class-leading performance in winter conditions.

“Commercial vehicles are also comfortable in winter: Carrier Winter”

Carrier Winter tires specially developed by Pirelli for light commercial vehicles increase the road holding performance by significantly reducing the braking distances on wet roads. The rubber compound and carcass structure of Carrier Winter with a high silica content offers much higher mileage for drivers without sacrificing safety, while the 10% reduced rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption. Minimizing the risk of aquaplaning with its rapid water discharge, Carrier Winter offers high performance and safe driving pleasure in city traffic or during intercity trips in the winter season.

Electric vehicles are also ready for winter

The Pirelli Elect Family winter tires developed by Pirelli for electric cars and rechargeable vehicles are integrated into the P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion families, revealing the brand's point in the electrification trend. Elect technology, which can be integrated into original equipment tires thanks to Pirelli's cooperation with all the world's leading automobile manufacturers, can be recognized by a special marking on the sidewall of the tires. Developed in line with the needs of electric vehicles, such as lower battery consumption, the management of higher torque in electric motors and optimal support of the vehicle's weight, Elect tires offer drivers an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly driving pleasure in the winter season as well. When it comes to winter tires for the fairly new but rapidly growing electric car sector, Pirelli Elect covers more than 65% of the premium and prestige market (Pirelli's share of tires for luxury cars exceeds 80%). So much so that the number of Elect homologations exceeded 2021 in 250 alone, doubling the total number by 2020. This number highlights that Pirelli is the tire manufacturer with the largest share in approved homologations for electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

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