Electric Minibus Contract Signed Between ASELSAN and KARSAN

Electric Minibus Agreement Signed Between ASELSAN and KARSAN
Electric Minibus Contract Signed Between ASELSAN and KARSAN

According to the statement published on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), KARSAN A.Ş. and ASELSAN A.Ş. contract was signed between In the signed agreement, the propulsion system for e-JEST electric minibuses will be produced using the electric traction system components developed by ASELSAN. In addition, electric minibuses will be sold to ASELSAN. According to the business relationship statement published by KAP, the amount of the contract signed was announced as 12 million 599 thousand EURO. The final vehicle delivery of the contract was determined as 20 months.

ASELSAN; develops electric vehicle system solutions for military/civilian land and sea vehicles. System solutions are designed with a flexible architectural structure that can be adapted to any kind of platform. Other electronic units required for different types of vehicles, especially the electric traction system, are also included in the product portfolio.

KARSAN's Electric Minibus: e-JEST

E-JEST with electric BMW engines; With its low emissions, it can easily maneuver in narrow streets. e-Jest, which can be charged in two different types as AC and DC, charges its entire battery in 8 hours at night and in 55 minutes with fast charging during the day.

Electric vehicles developed by KARSAN draw great interest from Europe. With BMW i technology, KARSAN can reach a range of up to 210 km; It received 18 orders from different European countries, mainly France and Greece. Karsan Commercial Affairs Deputy General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu said, “Currently, we have received 18 orders from countries such as France, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia and Greece. We started to make our first deliveries at the end of January. We aim to reach significant figures at Jest Electric throughout 2019.”

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