Chery Awarded 'Golden Category' at Quality Olympics

Chery Awarded Gold Category at Quality Olympics
Chery Awarded 'Golden Category' at Quality Olympics

Chinese automotive company Chery, one of the sponsors of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, won the gold medal at the International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC), known as the Quality Olympics, for five consecutive years.

Thanks to the Chery Global Quality Management System, which covers product planning, design and development, supplier management, manufacturing, marketing service and system quality, the company has achieved this award after more than 24 test applications covering approximately 2 million kilometers in 30 different road conditions. offers for sale.

While Chery has strengthened its presence in international markets since 2001, it has managed to establish 5 R&D centers, 10 factories and 500 authorized dealers and authorized service points worldwide, excluding China.

Chery QC Team covering all departments of Chery's quality management system was implemented. This team is constantly focusing on improving the quality of the entire vehicle by increasing the difficulty level. The company conducts tests for the vehicles it develops in harsh conditions such as sharp cold and scorching heat all over the world throughout the year. Every product has to complete these rigorous tests.

Sales volume exceeded 10 million units

Chery has not only ranked first among Chinese brands in passenger car exports for the 19th consecutive year, but also zamIt also stands out as the first Chinese automobile brand with an annual export volume exceeding 200 thousand. To date, Chery has exported its products to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. In addition, over 10 million vehicles of Chery, whose cumulative sales volume exceeds 2,1 million, were also sold overseas.

Chery's export of its first product more than 20 years ago marks the beginning of Chery's overseas journey. Chery has doubled both sales and reputation growth, particularly in Qatar. In addition to a number of models that have won the “Best of the Year” award, the Tiggo 8 Pro Max has earned the title of “The Smartest Pioneer SUV”, considered by the auto industry’s leading press as “a new revolution entering the automobile market in Qatar”. At the point reached today, Chery continues to strengthen its quality and international brand image as the sponsor of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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