Turkish Micromobility Initiative to Open to 2022 More Countries by the End of 2

Turkish Micromobility Initiative To Be Open To The Country By The End
Turkish Micromobility Initiative to Open to 2022 More Countries by the End of 2

While the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute show that the number of motor vehicles in Turkey has increased by 5% in 17 years, current studies estimate that a passenger in Turkey causes 1,82 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Micromobility solutions involving electric scooters are essential for a sustainable future.

Although the trend towards electric options in transportation vehicles has become widespread, the number of fossil fuel vehicles still continues to increase. Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute show that the number of motor vehicles in Turkey has increased by 17% in five years. Carbon emissions from transportation vehicles also increase in connection with this increase. While Numbeo's estimates indicate that each passenger in Turkey causes 1,82 tons of carbon emissions per year only in transportation activities, approximately 84 trees per person need to be planted to reset this figure. In addition, more than 70% of the vehicles in traffic are used only for short journeys to reach distances of 5 kilometers or less. On the other hand, the micromobility market, which is an alternative to urban short-distance transportation, continues to grow. One of the pioneers of the micromobility market in our country, hop, which puts contributing to the environment and sustainability at the core of its business model, is celebrating its third anniversary this year.

Yiğit Kipman, Co-Founder and CEO of hop, shared his assessments on the subject, “In 2019, together with my partners Ahmet Batı, Emrecan Batı and Gökalp Üstün, we established in Ankara with the aim of reducing transportation-related environmental pollution and carbon emissions with shared vehicles for a sustainable world. Hop is completing its third year with a $10 million investment and bridge financing support, reassuring the confidence of its current investors. In our 3-year journey, we started to serve in 18 cities in Turkey and more than 20 cities in the world. We are preparing for the Series A investment tour in order to continue to grow in a healthy way without straying from our sustainability goals and to announce the name of hop to different countries.”

Reached 1 million users, opened abroad

Forecasts by global consulting firm McKinsey showed that the micromobility market could reach between $2030 and $300 billion by 500. Pointing out that cities built around cars, not people, are one of the biggest factors that harm sustainability and the livability of cities, Yiğit Kipman said, “Since the global epidemic, we realize the importance of building livable, pedestrian-oriented cities. The visible effects of climate change encourage individuals to take steps in this regard. Micromobility solutions such as electric scooters are increasingly in demand in the market. Users in traffic zamIn order not to waste any time, to have a comfortable journey, while reducing its carbon footprints and balancing transportation costs, it turns to shared and electric micromobility vehicles. Celebrating our 3rd year as Hop, we managed to deliver our vehicles, which stand out with their driving experience, accessibility, performance and technology, to more than 18 million active users in 1 different cities of our country, thus becoming Turkey's largest micromobility company. In line with our sustainable growth target as of June 2022, we also started our overseas operations in Podgorica and Budva, Montenegro. In Montenegro, our first stop abroad, we carried out all our daily operations with electric cargo vehicles and bicycles for the first time, and we got one step closer to our internal commitments to be carbon neutral. We are rapidly moving towards our goal of 4 countries and 25 cities before the end of the year.”

Growing with collaborations and investments

Pointing out that the brand has achieved a first among its competitors in Turkey and in the world by achieving profitability before interest and tax results (EBIT) while completing its third year, hop Co-Founder and CEO Yiğit Kipman said: We renewed our confidence with million-dollar investment and financing support. We tripled our fleet in one year. In cooperation with Ford Otosan, we started to use the company's electric mobility solution Rakun Mobility in our daily operations. We meet all the electricity needs of the vehicles we put into service with our cooperation with GAMA Energy from wind energy. With these collaborations and investments, we are approaching our carbon neutral vision with determined steps by helping to save 10 tons of carbon since 3. As a company that focuses on sustainability and looks out for social benefit, we also support the sharing economy with our fair and user-oriented income model.”

Preparing for new investment round

Reminding that they are continuing their preparations for the Series A investment round, Yiğit Kipman concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “We meet all our needs from R&D and engineering activities to operational processes, from customer service to maintenance and repair activities by teams within the company. With our desire to be the healthiest growing, successful and sustainable shared micromobility company in the region and in the world, we will start serving in 2 more countries before the end of the year. We continue to work on maximizing the profitability of the company by achieving operational excellence, including vehicles produced with the latest technology in our fleet, and localizing the technologies of these vehicles with our engineering team. Short zamWe plan to add electric bicycles and light electric cars to our product portfolio and double our current fleet. As Hop, we consider providing experience to people among our principles.”

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