'Toroslar Otofest' Begins

Toroslar Otofest Begins
'Toroslar Otofest' Begins

Toroslar AutoFest event, where the Toroslar Municipality, the central district of Mersin, brings together classic and modified vehicle enthusiasts, will be held on Sunday, October 30 at 13.00 at Toroslar Cumhuriyet Square.

Pointing out that modification is a lifestyle, Mayor of Taurus Atsız Afşın Yılmaz said; “We welcome all our fellow citizens to our festival full of excitement and adrenaline,” he said.

Toroslar AutoFest, which was organized by Toroslar Municipality for the first time in Mersin and attracting great attention of all of Turkey, continues by adding innovations every year.

Cars at the festival, which will be held together with Mersin Automobile Sports Club (MOSK); will compete in drift, sound system, flat and modified vehicle categories.

Thousands of modified vehicle enthusiasts from many cities of Turkey, as well as Mersin and its surrounding districts, will attend the festival, where a DJ performance will also take place. There will be a visual modification feast at the festival to be held on Sunday, October 30 at 13.00 at Toroslar Cumhuriyet Square.

Mersin Automobile Sports Club President Sedat Şahin thanked Toroslar Mayor Atsız Afşın Yılmaz for his contributions to automobile sports and the festival.

Şahin stated that modified vehicle enthusiasts from many provinces of Turkey will attend the Toroslar AutoFest this year as well; “This festival, which is a first in Mersin and hosted by our Toroslar Municipality, made a great impression in Turkey. With the support of our Mayor of Toroslar, Mr. Atsız Afşın Yılmaz, who works with the understanding of Agile Municipalism, our festival grows and attracts great interest every year. The fact that our President is young, dynamic and open to innovations also receives the endless support of everyone who is devoted to the automobile world. As Mersin Automobile Sports Club, we would like to thank our president.” he said.

Invitation from Chairman Yılmaz to Toroslar AutoFest

Mayor of Toroslar Atsız Afşın Yılmaz invited all his fellow countrymen to the festival and drew attention to the fact that Toroslar is in a position to respond to all branches of sports with its track, facilities and social facilities.

Noting that the interest in Toroslar AutoFest was great, Chairman Yılmaz said; “At Toroslar AutoFest, we will organize a nice event with participants from many cities of Turkey as well as our city this year. It is very valuable for us that our young people have hobbies, come together and unite on a common ground. We also support our youth. We will continue to organize events in safe and controlled areas for those interested in motor sports. We will be wherever our youth are," he said.

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