Collaboration from TOGG and Trendyol: Signatures Signed

TOGG and Trendyol Collaboration Signed
Cooperation Signed by TOGG and Trendyol

Turkey's global mobility brand Togg and Turkey's leading e-commerce platform Trendyol signed a business partnership letter of intent to develop joint solutions that will take the user experience to the next level.

Togg and Trendyol will mutually integrate the services created for users within the scope of the cooperation that will be implemented in three phases. The two companies will establish joint working groups for integration projects.

“Our focus is on the user”

Commenting on the letter of intent signed with Trendyol, Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş said:

“We define ourselves as a global technology and mobility ecosystem provider from the very beginning. We are working to implement our plan, and we cooperate with the best in the field in this regard. Connected, electrical and autonomous smart devices are becoming new living spaces where we can do many things at home and in the office, and the paths of new mobility and e-commerce intersect at this point. With the letter of intent we signed with Trendyol, users will be able to benefit from the services of both Togg and Trendyol in accordance with the legislation. With the implementation of this cooperation, in addition to door-to-door e-commerce, options such as door to Togg smart device, Togg smart device to the address determined as a route will emerge.”

“With our cooperation, we are laying the foundation of the joint journey of the two ecosystems”

Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin stated that they are very excited that two brands, which are proud of Turkey, will come together and realize a first, and said:

“Mobility is Trendyol's zamThe moment is among the concepts he is working on to develop. We see this cooperation as Trendyol's direct contribution to the great leap that Togg will bring to our country in technology and digitalization and the industry infrastructure. The ecosystem that Togg knits with innovations in mobility, smart energy and smart living solutions is built on sustainability. Trendyol is also close zamWithin the scope of the sustainability roadmap announced at the moment, it aims to lead the solution of environmental and social problems while transforming not only its own operations but also the entire value chain. I also consider this collaboration as the unity of vision of the two technology companies in the field of sustainability. We have a significant production capacity and knowledge in digitalization technologies. More than 102 engineers graduated from 2000 different universities in Turkey develop systems used by Trendyol vendors and solution partners. With our cooperation, we are laying the foundation of the joint journey of the two ecosystems.”

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