Schaeffler OneCode Makes Product Information Digitally Accessible

Schaeffler OneCode Makes Product Information Digitally Accessible
Schaeffler OneCode Makes Product Information Digitally Accessible

With OneCode, the new service of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, workshops will have quick access to information on more than 40.000 products. The OneCode platform stands out as a simple and digital way for repair shops to check the authenticity of the product and collect bonus points.

The Automotive Aftermarket division of automotive and industry supplier Schaeffler has launched the Schaeffler OneCode platform, a new service solution to support workshops in Europe. All product information on Schaeffler's repair solutions can now be accessed digitally via smartphones and tablets.

Schaeffler OneCode can be defined as a new QR code system placed on the outside of the product boxes of the Automotive Aftermarket division. The code contains a special serial number and product number of the relevant LuK, INA or FAG product. Thanks to this, each product is provided with a unique code.

Making statements on the subject, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Head of Product Management and R&D Department Dr. Robert Felger said, “With Schaeffler OneCode, we are further expanding our range of digital products and services. Repair shops will have access to invaluable information and services with just one scan.” said.

Quick access to information of more than 40.000 products by scanning the QR code

Schaeffler OneCode also stands out with its ease of use. By scanning the QR code, users are directed to the product page in the Schaeffler online catalog or to the REPXPERT application page. From this database, where more than 40.000 data are updated daily, they can access all available information about the relevant repair solution. Step-by-step assembly and repair instructions, available digitally, also eliminate long search processes.

Product authenticity check and digital bonus points

Same as Schaeffler OneCode zamIt also checks the authenticity of the product at the same time. Thus, while providing extra security for retailers and repair shops, it leaves no room for counterfeit products. In addition, it is now much more practical for REPXPERT users to collect REPXPERT bonus points with Schaeffler OneCode. Users will be able to quickly access valuable technical information and documents by adding their points to their accounts with one click.

Not having a smartphone is no longer a problem

Schaeffler OneCode can also be used on devices that do not have QR code reading capability. Manual entry is possible in the REPXPERT application or at even if the QR code is damaged or unreadable.

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