Renault Attends 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault Attends Paris Motor Show
Renault Attends 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault will take its place at the 17th Paris Motor Show, which will take place with the theme of “Revolution Is On” at Porte de Versailles between 23-2022 October 89. MAIS Inc. General Manager Berk Çağdaş said that new models carry us to the future.

Çağdaş said, “Renault carries us to the electric future with its Z4ever, R5 Turbo 3E and Kangoo E-Tech 100% Electric models, which were launched this year at the Paris Motor Show. On the other hand, Scenic Vision reveals its attack in the C segment with its Austral, Megane E-Tech 100% Electric and Arkana models.” said.

Renault CEO Luca De Meo said: “At Renault, we love cars. That's why we're at the Paris Motor Show. Today, I believe we have the opportunity to reinterpret the love of the automobile and the modern automobile with an innovative approach. That's exactly what we did when we created the 4L legend. One of the most emblematic cars in Renault history and a modern interpretation of Renault 4, the 4EVER Trophy gives us clues to the electric future.”

The 4EVER Trophy is an icon reborn as a B-SUV

Thirty years after its production ended, Renault is presenting the 4EVER Trophy, an updated electric version of the iconic Renault 4, at the Paris Motor Show. This light adventurous “show car” celebrates the 4th anniversary of the 25L Trophy Humanitarian Rally. The 4EVER Trophy stands out as the harbinger of the 2025% electric B-SUV model of the future, scheduled to be launched in 100.

The R5 TURBO 3E was born for drifting

The R5 TURBO 3E is an all-electric and unique "show car" designed for drifting. As part of the Renault 5 50th anniversary celebrations, it pays homage to Renault 5 TURBO and TURBO 2, some of the brand's most popular sports models. The model, which performs above its class, is also being transported to the digital world with NFTs.

Renault, which most accurately summarizes its strategy of re-conquering the C segment with its concept cars, “show car” models and new mass production models, stays true to its own DNA with its expertise in electric vehicles. zamIt shows that it focuses more on innovation than it does now.

Renault Kangoo E-Tech 100% Electric

Renault Kangoo, which created its own class with its sliding side door design for the first time, remains true to its genes 25 years later and still remains one of the pioneers of its class.

With a unique success story, Kangoo has sold 50 million units in 4 countries around the world.

It offers the best to families with its elegant design and spaciousness, and to professionals with its luggage volume and durability. Continuing to develop over the years, Renault Kangoo meets users for the first time in its history with its E-Tech 100% Electric version.

The new high-tech SUV Austral meets car lovers for the first time

The new Austral is the next move in Renault's C-segment breakthrough with the Arkana and Megane E-Tech 100% Electric. Its athletic exterior design embodies the characteristic elements of the SUV world. The new Austral will also be available in Esprit Alpine version for a sportier character.

Official avatar RENO: Renault partners with Cerence

Renault is working with Cerence, which works on artificial intelligence technology for cars, to create a next-generation, humanized digital co-pilot for an easier and improved electric vehicle experience.

Cerence and Renault have teamed up for a solution that proactively drives electric cars and improves electric vehicle use through teaching, explanation, simplification. Aim; Significantly improving the in-car experience with a human-like interaction. Like this; introducing new vehicle functions, making the most of different EV charging possibilities, adjusting the temperature or correct zamAt the same time, useful and smart functions will be offered, such as setting the right driving mode.

Scenic Vision

Renault introduced the Scenic Vision concept car as a step in its journey to become carbon neutral at the ChangeNOW summit held in Paris last May. Scenic Vision embodies Renault's commitment to sustainable development and reflects the brand's plan to decarbonize the entire lifecycle. It stands out as the first product with a new pearly white paint, which is dried with ultraviolet lamps instead of infrared heaters, which consume much more energy, and reduces energy consumption by 75 percent during production.

Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel, electric “show car” made for fun

Renault is presenting the second part of its recreational vehicle product strategy at the Paris Motor Show with the Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel. Based on the new Kangoo L2 E-Tech Electric, this vehicle is a mobile, versatile and vibrant haven for outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts.

R5 Prototype: past meets electric future

The Renault 5 Prototype is an innovative version of its popular, basic and stylish predecessor, demonstrating the brand's approach to popularizing electric vehicles in Europe. The Renault 5 Prototype is a charming small city car that takes one of Renault's iconic vehicles into the future with a modern, all-electric approach.

Megane E-Tech 100% Electric: New generation electricity

The new Megane E-Tech 100% Electric is the first model of Renault's “generation 2.0” electric vehicles and represents a new era in the electric vehicle revolution that began more than a decade ago. With the electric vehicle ecosystem, it is not only integrated and connected to the digital world of users, but also zamIt also represents the first step in Renault's drive to reconquer the C-segment.

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