Digitalization Support for Automotive Sub-Industry

Digitalization Support for Automotive Sub-Industry
Digitalization Support for Automotive Sub-Industry

The Turkish automotive supply industry is among the most important driving forces of the Turkish economy with the value it creates and its experience of more than 60 years. The sector, which has left behind the negativities caused by global problems, especially the pandemic and the chip crisis, aims to increase its competitive power on a global scale with digitalization.

The digitalized world has made it mandatory to use developing technologies in the automotive industry. Digitalization, which has caused a radical change in all sectors depending on technological developments and advances, has increased its impact in the automotive supplier industry. In this context, one of the world's automotive giants, with a request published at the end of 2021, asked all its suppliers to transfer a method that has been completely manual until now to the digital environment. Thanks to the solution developed by the local software company QMAD, the Turkish automotive supplier industry increased its competitive power by digitizing FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) risk management.

Providing information on the subject, QMAD Sales Manager Fatih Bulduk said, “We use FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis – a risk analysis method, which is used as a risk assessment tool in many areas of the automotive supply industry, where all risks that may occur in the design and production of a product are analyzed and precautions are taken. We have digitized the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. The manual method, which is widely used in the automotive industry, now needs to be performed with a special software in line with the demand of OEM manufacturers. The Automotive Vehicles Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), which steers the automotive industry in Turkey and has nearly 500 members, agreed with QMAD as a solution partner within the scope of joint purchase. With the solution we developed, we guaranteed the possible risks that may be experienced in the demands of automotive manufacturers in software.

Developed an easy, fast and reliable risk management model

Stating that all suppliers in the automotive sub-industry are in search of software upon the special demand, Fatih Bulduk said, “The aim was to bring together a software company that has the capacity to meet the demands of the world's automotive giants and the automotive supply industrialists who need this solution on a common denominator. After our meetings, as QMAD, we adapted the FMEA risk analysis method to the digital environment. In this way, we have developed a much easier, faster and reliable risk management model. With our deep-rooted experience in the sector, we are happy to have developed a software that will contribute significantly to the competitiveness of the automotive supply industry and to have transferred the FMEA method, which has been used manually for years, to the digital environment.”

It will add value to the competitiveness of suppliers

Expressing that other automobile manufacturers will review their suppliers with similar demands in the coming period, QMAD Sales Manager Fatih Bulduk said, “We believe that the software we offer to the automotive supply industry will add very important values ​​to the competitiveness of the suppliers today. We are proud to have developed products and software that exceed the expectations of the industry. As QMAD, we will continue to work with all our strength to produce fast and practical software solutions for all the needs of the industry.”

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