What is an English Teacher, What Does He Do, How To Become? English Teacher Salaries 2022

English Teacher Salary
English Teacher Salaries 2022

English teacher is the title given to professional professionals who teach English to adults and children who do not have English language knowledge.

What Does an English Teacher Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The general job description of an English teacher, whose responsibilities vary according to the institution they work for and the age group they teach, includes the following items;

  • Preparing and presenting lessons for various classes and age groups,
  • To create a quality learning environment,
  • To help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through individual and group sessions,
  • Checking and evaluating students' work,
  • Encouraging students to communicate with each other using the sentence structures and vocabulary they have learned,
  • Finding ways to involve students in the lesson,
  • Using various textbooks, materials and various audio-visual aids to develop basic language skills,
  • Preparing exam questions and exercises,
  • Establish and maintain the standards of student behavior necessary to achieve a functional learning atmosphere,
  • Continuing professional knowledge development.

What Education Do I Need To Get To Become An English Teacher?

To become an English teacher, universities have to graduate from a four-year English Language Teaching department. Graduates of departments such as Translation and Interpretation, American Language and Literature, English Language and Literature are also entitled to receive the title of English teacher by taking pedagogical formation.

Features that an English Teacher Should Have

Other qualities of an English teacher, who are expected to be culturally sensitive, tolerant and patient, are as follows;

  • Generating creative ideas to plan practical and interesting lessons,
  • Demonstrate excellent planning and organizational skills,
  • Having verbal and written communication skills,
  • To be able to establish effective working relationships with students, school personnel and administrators,
  • To have problem solving skills.

English Teacher Salaries 2022

The positions they hold and the average salaries of those working as English Teachers as they progress in their careers are the lowest 5.520 TL, the average 7.720 TL, the highest 13.890 TL.

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