Electric N Move from Hyundai: RN22e

Hyundai's Electric N Move RNe
Electric N Move RN22e from Hyundai

N, the sub-brand of Hyundai established for performance models, has also taken over the electrics after the gasoline models. Based on the IONIQ 6, the RN22e will create awareness among performance EV models in the very near future. zamwill bring a different perspective to the segment.

As in many areas of our lives, carbon neutrality has become an important topic in the automotive industry. The automotive industry, like other industries, must adapt to this environmental responsibility and zamIt should set zero emissions as its future strategy in all the models it will produce at the moment. Determined to completely change the concept of high-performance cars, Hyundai started to take steps in line with the philosophy of the N brand, which it laid its foundations in 2012, and the latest advanced technologies.
Displaying Hyundai's vision of a fully electric and high-performance car, the RN22e fully fulfills its responsibility to the environment, while also giving the green light to users who want high-level driving pleasure with its 576 horsepower. Motorsport enthusiasts who doubt whether electric cars can deliver the excitement, emotion and driving dynamics that high-performance internal combustion engines can deliver will be able to breathe a sigh of relief with the RN22e and the next-generation N models to be introduced later.

As Hyundai's high-performance brand, N aims to produce an everyday sports car with dynamic cornering and racetrack capability in line with its vision for the future.

While Hyundai N engineers believe that electric cars can have exciting pleasures, the same zamcurrently shaping its performance EV strategy around three main themes. “Curve”, “Racetrack Capability” and “Everyday Sports Car”.

RN22e: a great example combining motorsport technology with E-GMP. Hyundai's RM Project first started to attract attention in 2014 with its first prototype, the RM14. The RM terminology refers to the "Racing Midship" rear-wheel drive feature of the N prototype model, the medium powertrain configuration, the design philosophy that provides ideal handling balance and agility. Hyundai, which has produced concepts such as RM14, RM15, RM16 and RM19 since the beginning of the RM project, unveiled its first electric prototype, the RM20e, in 2020 and continued to use its original code name. Sharing its electric vision with the RN22e earlier this year, Hyundai changed its name from 'RM' to 'RN'. The 'R' of the RN name comes from Rolling and the 'N' comes from the N brand. The number in the model name indicates the year it was manufactured. The 'e' at the end represents electrical technology. The RN22e is also very different from previous RM projects in addition to its naming strategy. Unlike the RM20e, which uses electric technology, it takes its platform from Hyundai Motor Group's E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). The E-GMP uses 800V ultra-fast charging and a front-wheel EV transmission splitter. The RN22e is also enhanced with a lot of know-how from previous RM projects.

Information transfer from IONIQ 6

The Hyundai N brand uses racetracks to develop more performance models. For example, the i20 N comes from the i20 WRC car, while the N brand is also inspired by the latest model in the IONIQ series, unlike recent RM projects built on the Veloster. The RN22e uses an IONIQ 6-based design to take advantage of optimal aerodynamics. Crafted with a single curved profile, the design brings Hyundai's lowest coefficient of friction ever, 0.21. And to maximize the RN22e's performance, Hyundai N's technical prowess from motorsport is used.

Hyundai engineers have developed a model that achieves great performance values ​​thanks to its low-to-the-ground suspension system, accentuated shoulders, huge rear spoiler and a large rear diffuser. The RN22e offers a 2.950mm wheelbase, 4.915mm length, 2.023mm width and 1.479mm height while maintaining the same zamIt is also equipped with a powerful electric motor. Equipped with a larger capacity battery than the IONIQ 6, the concept car also offers different driving modes that allow drivers to select torque power at the front and rear wheels.

Hyundai's first all-wheel drive system, which provides optimized torque distribution, comes to life in the RN22e, while the maximum output of the front electric motor is determined as 160 kW. At the rear, there is another electric motor with a power of 270 kW. The maximum torque of the car, which produces a total power of 430 kW, or 576 HP, is 740 Nm. The RN22e is also equipped with EV transmission splitter technology that allows power distribution to the front and rear. This feature was developed based on Hyundai Motorsport's experience on rally tracks, and it transfers the traction power to all four wheels or only to the rear, depending on the driving situation, to provide more excitement behind the wheel. Thus, it allows more adrenaline to be released by rapidly switching between traction.

Hyundai will first launch the IONIQ 5 N model next year, and then continue its performance EV model line without slowing down.

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