Everything You Ever Wondered About Electric Vehicle is at the EV Charge Show

Everything You've Ever Wondered About Electric Vehicles at the EV Charge Show
Everything You Ever Wondered About Electric Vehicle is at the EV Charge Show

What mistakes were made in European countries during the transition to electric vehicles? What are the lessons to be learned from these mistakes?

What is Megakent Istanbul with a population of 16 million doing in the transition to electric transportation?

What should they do, what should they pay attention to, who will install an electric vehicle charging station in their businesses (hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.) without a license?

How will those living in multi-storey apartments in the city charge their electric vehicles, will they have problems in charging their vehicles?

What should be considered in terms of technology, finance and operation in electric vehicle charging stations?

The answer to all these questions and more is at the EV Charge Show, the Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies, Equipment Fair and Conference, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center between October 26-28.

58 global and local companies will exhibit their technology and services to those who want to set up a charging station. Match with the fairzamIn the conference, which will be held in a momentary manner, what should be done in Turkey's transition to electric transportation will be discussed in 3 sessions in total for 10 days on Wednesday-Friday.

Fair; It is organized with the support of TR Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, IMM Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and AVERE Turkey Electro Mobility Association and under the sponsorship of Huawei.

The number of electric vehicle charging points in Turkey will reach 2030 million by 2

The number of electric vehicle charging points in Turkey will increase significantly until the end of 2023. With the launch of Turkey's first automobile brand TOGG, there will be a significant increase in the number of electric vehicle charging points. According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the estimated number of charging points in Turkey will reach 2030 million in public areas and 1 thousand in homes by 900. In total, the number of charging points in Turkey is expected to reach 2030 million by 2.

How to install an electric vehicle charging station?

As the use of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, electric vehicle charging options will become widespread at home, at work, on the roads and in all facilities. The need for charging electric vehicles will present a valuable investment opportunity for entrepreneurs as a new business area. The EV Charge Show will be a platform where all the knowledge, technology and equipment needed to seize this attractive opportunity and more will be presented.

Domestic and national electric vehicle charging unit manufacturers will exhibit their technologies

Companies such as Vestel and Zebra Elektronik, which have been conducting R&D and production activities for many years in the production of electric vehicle charging units, will also exhibit their domestic and national technologies at the fair.

Top officials from 23 major global and local companies and public institutions take part as speakers.

Deputy Minister of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar, Head of IMM Department of Transportation Utku Cihan, President of AVERE Turkey Prof. Dr. Cem Avcı, AVERE Secretary General Philippe Vangeel, Aspilsan Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy, Voltrun General Manager Berkay Somalı, Zorlu Energy Smart Systems Deputy General Manager Burçin Açan, Aspower General Manager Ceyhun Karasayar, DBE Holding Founder Mehmet Taha Pınar, Fronius Turkey General Manager Nusret Bilen, PEM Energy General Manager Şahin Bayram, Huawei Telekom Energy Solutions and Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies Department Manager Ekrem Gültekin, ABB E-Mobility Sales Manager, IEEE PES Turkey President Prof. Dr. Ozan Erdinç and many other important names take place as speakers in conference sessions. All sessions and speakers can be viewed on the fair's website. The conference is organized in cooperation with AVERE Turkey Electro Mobility Association, the main supporter of the fair.

The main product and service groups to be exhibited at the fair

Electric vehicle charging hardware and software, Smart and fast charging solutions, Solar power generation, energy storage and battery management systems for charging stations, Electric vehicles in the e-mobility ecosystem, especially charging station design, construction and operation services, Charging station operators , Project development, engineering, procurement and implementers, Electricity generation and distribution companies, Facility management companies, Equipment financial institutions, Energy consulting firms, Testing, measurement and certification services are also included in the exhibition profile of the fair.

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