Legendary SL, Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC in Turkey

mercedes benz amg sl matic
Legendary SL, Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC in Turkey

The new Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ are breaking new ground in the world with their electric exhaust gas turbo feeding features transferred from Formula 1™. While SL spirit and sportiness are combined with Mercedes-AMG luxury and technology in the new cars, thanks to the wet clutch and rear-wheel drive AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission, there is a faster response to gas orders during acceleration. With the aluminum composite roadster architecture developed for superior AMG Driving Performance, 1989+2 seating arrangement has been designed for the first time since 2 in the series.

The new members of the AMG family, with elegant exterior design details, are the same. zamAt the same time, it stands out with its rich standard equipment. Thanks to the AMG Aerodynamics Package, which increases both dynamics and efficiency, airflow is directed according to demand and aerodynamic performance is improved. The electric sunroof, on the other hand, reduces weight by 21 kilograms on the new SLs and offers a lower center of gravity. In the interior, there are luxury seats and a hyperanalog cockpit that brings the analog and digital worlds together.

Thanks to the AMG high-performance composite braking system, while the braking distance is shortened, controlled deceleration is possible. Rear axle steering, which is standard in both cars, also creates a more balanced and agile driving experience. The new members of the Mercedes-AMG family meet all expectations with the driving modes AMG DYNAMIC SELECT and AMG DYNAMIC PLUS. In addition, while the journey is made easier with MBUX and the driving support system, there are many service options connected with smart devices.

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Mercedes-AMG SL 43 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+

The new members of the Mercedes-AMG family, Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+, have the distinction of being the first in the world with their electric exhaust gas turbo feeding feature directly transferred from Formula 1™ in a series production car. This technology is transferred directly from Formula 1™ and has been used by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team for many years. The new generation turbo, on the other hand, offers instant throttle response throughout the entire rev band, increasing efficiency and providing a more dynamic driving experience. Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ also stand out with their rich standard equipment.

The Mercedes-AMG New SL is equipped with the Mercedes-AMG SL 8 63MATIC+ engine with V4 engine (combined fuel consumption 13.4 – 13.0 l/100 km combined CO2 emissions 294-283 g/km) and the innovative starter Mercedes-AMG SL 43 engine ( average fuel consumption 9,4-8,9 lt/100 km, average CO2 emissions 214-201 g/km). Under the hood of the open-top model with a canopy roof, there are 2-liter eight-cylinder and 2-liter four-cylinder high-performance gasoline engines.

The Mercedes-AMG SL 43 Turbocharger is powered by a 48-volt electrical system that also supplies the belt-driven starter generator (RSG). As a result, the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 delivers 381 hp (280 kW) and 480 Nm of torque. In addition, in certain driving situations, the RSG momentarily provides an additional 14 hp (10 kW). The Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ offers 585 hp (430 kW) and 800 Nm of torque.

SL spirit and sportiness combined with Mercedes-AMG luxury and technology

With its 70-year long history, the SL has transformed from a thoroughbred racing car to a luxury open-top sports car and has made its mark in automobile history as a legend. The new Mercedes-AMG SL marks another milestone in this deep-rooted history. Original SL spirit and sportiness combined with modern Mercedes-AMG luxury and technology. The 2+2 seater roadster targets tech-savvy buyers with its new engine options. With its combination of a relatively lightweight four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive at the front axle, the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 also offers outstanding driving dynamics.

AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission with wet clutch and rear wheel drive

The M139-arm four-cylinder engine, which has long been used in compact Mercedes AMG models without electric exhaust gas turbocharger, is positioned longitudinally in the Mercedes-AMG SL 43. The rear-wheel drive Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and all-wheel drive Mercedes-AMG SL 63 are equipped with the 4MATIC+ AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission (MCT = Multi-Plate Clutch). In this example, the wet clutch replaces the torque converter. This solution reduces weight and, thanks to its lower inertia, responds more quickly to throttle commands, especially during acceleration and load changes. The meticulously calibrated software also provides multiple downshifts when needed, apart from short shift times. In addition, the gas booster function in the "Sport" and "Sport+" driving modes contributes to driving pleasure. It also has the RACE START function for quick take off.

Superior performance is standard. Mercedes-AMG SL 43 completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4,9 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 275 km/h. For Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+, these values ​​are 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3,6 seconds and 315 km/h maximum speed.

Aluminum composite roadster architecture for superior AMG Driving Performance

The SL with body code R232 is based on a completely new vehicle architecture developed by Mercedes AMG. The new dimension concept allows 1989+129 seating for the first time since 2 (Mercedes SL model series R2). This makes the new SL more useful. The rear seats increase daily functionality and offer space for passengers up to 1,50 meters (with a child car seat up to 1,35 meters). When there is no need for additional seating, the air curtain installed behind the seats can protect the neck area of ​​front seat passengers from airflow. Or the second row of seats can be used as additional storage space, for example a golf bag.

The lightweight aluminum composite chassis consists of a self-supporting aluminum space-frame skeleton. The design provides maximum rigidity while providing the perfect basis for superior driving dynamics, high comfort and sporty body proportions. The aim of the body architecture is to meet high standards of superior comfort and safety while delivering AMG Driving Performance by focusing on lateral and vertical dynamics.

With the advanced materials used, low weight and high rigidity level are achieved. For example, composite materials such as aluminum, magnesium and fiber are used in the windshield frame. With this high level of rigidity, the rear roll bars that open at lightning speed offer enhanced protection.

New entry-level version with elegant exterior design details

Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+, the new members of the AMG family, which stand out with their rich standard equipment, also have many options and many customization possibilities that increase comfort and safety.

The exterior design of the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 has minor differences from the eight-cylinder Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ version. For example, it has different front and rear bumpers. It also has a round dual exhaust pipe instead of an angular one. SL; It draws attention with its characteristic design elements such as long wheelbase, short front and rear overhangs, long engine hood, sloping windshield, rear-positioned cabin and strong rear. All these design elements form the characteristic SL silhouette. Large-diameter light-alloy wheels, flush with the bulky fenders and side panels, give it a powerful and dynamic look. The Mercedes-AMG SL 43 is fitted with 20-inch light-alloy wheels as standard. In addition, the eight-cylinder Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ is equipped with 21-inch light-alloy wheels that are aerodynamically optimized and reduce air resistance.

AMG Aerodynamics Package to increase dynamics and efficiency

The active air control system is one of the most important aerodynamic improvement technologies. The horizontal louvers behind the upper air intake are electronically controlled and the actuator can be opened and closed by motors. Thus, the aerodynamic performance is improved by directing the air flow according to the demand.

Normally the shutters are closed. Even at top speed. This position reduces air resistance. Only under certain conditions and when the cooling air requirement is high, the louvers are opened and the cooling air is allowed to flow into the heat exchanger. The system is extremely intelligent and fast controlled.

The same goes for the pop-up rear spoiler, which is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle body. The spoiler adjusts its position according to driving conditions. When I do this; The control software takes into account numerous parameters, including driving speed, steering speed as well as vertical and lateral acceleration. The spoiler applies five different angles from 80 km/h to optimize handling characteristics or reduce drag.

Available as an option for the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+, the Aerodynamics Package includes larger fins on the front and rear bumpers and a larger rear diffuser. This further improves downforce and aerodynamic drag. The modified speed thresholds of the rear spoiler and its steeper angle of 26,5 degrees (instead of 22 degrees) in the most dynamic position also contribute to this.

Awning roof for less weight and lower center of gravity

The sportier positioning of the new SL brought with it the preference of electric awning roof instead of metal sunroof. A weight advantage of 21 kilograms and a lower center of gravity improve the handling characteristics as well as driving dynamics. The Z-fold mechanism saves space and weight, while also eliminating the need for an awning cover. The design of the awning creates a completely flat position when the awning is opened. Engineers are the same zamAt the same time, he also paid attention to the issues of daily use comfort and effective sound insulation. Three-layer design; It consists of a stretched outer shell, a headliner and an advanced acoustic mat of quality 450 gr/m² PES felt placed between them. The awning opens or closes in just 60 seconds when driving up to 15 km/h.

Interior with “hyperanalog” cockpit and standard luxury seats

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG SL includes a "hyperanalog" combination of analog geometry and the digital world. The fully digital instrument cluster integrated into the three-dimensional frame and the MBUX infotainment system offer a modern look, while offering different customization options. The symmetrically designed cockpit draws attention with its four turbine-designed ventilation outlets as well as digital displays.

Despite the console with a generally symmetrical design, the cockpit offers a driver-oriented structure. The high-resolution 12,3-inch screen of the instrument cluster is supported by a high-tech viewfinder that prevents reflections from sunlight. The inclination of the touch screen in the center console can also be adjusted between 12 and 32 degrees to prevent disturbing reflections of the sun's rays when the awning is open.

The new generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) offers intuitive operation and is capable of learning. It offers some of the functions and operating structure of the second generation MBUX introduced with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In the SL, AMG-exclusive content is added over five screen styles. In addition, special menu items such as “AMG Performance” or “AMG TRACK PACE” underline the sporty character.

The SL is equipped as standard with electric and luxury seating and upholstery options. AMG sports and AMG Performance seats are optionally available with leather, nappa leather and AMG nappa leather upholstery. The optionally available manufaktur macchiato beige/titanium gray or manufaktur truffle brown/black upholstery adds a special touch. AMG Performance seats are available in a combination of nappa leather with yellow or red decorative stitching and DINAMICA microfibre.

Apart from glossy black, there are also aluminum, carbon and manufaktur chrome black options for decorative trim and center console. The standard heated AMG Performance steering wheel is available in nappa leather and in nappa leather/MICROCUT microfibre.

AMG high-performance composite braking system for short braking distances

The newly developed AMG high-performance composite braking system provides controlled and excellent deceleration values. It supports the most demanding uses with its short braking distance, sensitive response, high stability and high endurance level. Apart from hill start assist, functions such as wet ground preparation and dry braking increase driving comfort.

Lightweight composite brake discs contribute to driving dynamics and cornering performance. The brake disc (cast steel) and the brake disc container (aluminium) are connected by special pins. This design saves space for even better brake cooling.

Rear axle steering improves agility and stability

Active rear axle steering is standard for the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+. Depending on speed, the rear wheels turn either in the opposite direction or in the same direction as the front wheels. Thus, the system offers both agile and balanced driving characteristics. The front wheel steering ratio is more direct, which gives the advantage of less steering the vehicle at the limits.

Six different driving modes from comfort to dynamics and AMG DYNAMICS

Apart from the five AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+” and “Personal”, the “Race” drive mode available in the optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package responds to different usage requirements from comfortable to dynamic. Apart from the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes, the SL models also feature AMG DYNAMICS. This integrated vehicle dynamics control expands the functionality of the ESP® with agility-enhancing interventions in the steering characteristics and additional ESP® functions.

Rich assortment of SL hardware program for a unique look

Apart from the comprehensive standard equipment, the Mercedes-AMG SL offers a variety that meets the expectations of many different customers, from sporty and dynamic to luxurious elegance, with different optional additions. Twelve body colors, three roof colors and several new wheel designs are offered, including two exclusive SL colours, hyper blue metallic and AMG matt monza grey.

For a sharper, more elegant or dynamic look, there are three exterior styling packages;

  • The AMG Exterior Chrome Package includes elegant, glossy chrome accents on the front spoiler, side sill trim and rear.
  • In the AMG Night Package, exterior styling elements such as the front lip, side sill trims, mirror caps and trim on the rear diffuser are applied in gloss black. Together with the blacked-out tailpipe, these details create a contrast or smooth transition, depending on the body color chosen.
  • The AMG Night Package II features glossy black elements such as the radiator grille, the model lettering and the Mercedes star at the rear.
  • The carbon fiber inserts that come with the AMG Exterior Carbon Package evoke the SL's motorsport history. Carbon parts include side body decorations, apart from the lip and fins on the front bumper. In addition, gloss black tailpipes and diffuser are applied in carbon or gloss black.

AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package for maximum driving pleasure

Combining numerous high-performance components, the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package, optional on the Mercedes-AMG SL 43, Mercedes-AMG SL 63 Standard in 4MATIC+ offered as:

  • Dynamic AMG engine mounts connect the engine to the body more tightly or more flexibly, depending on driving conditions. This provides the best possible balance between driving dynamics and comfort in all driving conditions.
  • The electronically controlled AMG limited-slip rear differential transmits the traction force to the wheels more quickly and precisely during dynamic cornering and instantaneous acceleration.
  • The 'RAC' drive mode delivers faster accelerator response and more instantaneous engine response for track performance. It can be selected as an additional driving mode via the AMG steering wheel buttons.
  • The ten millimeter low structure lowers the center of gravity and improves driving stability.
  • Yellow AMG brake calipers underline the potential for increased driving dynamics.

Life gets easier with driving assistance systems and MBUX

Driving assistance systems, some of which are optional, monitor the new SL's surroundings with the help of numerous sensors, cameras and radars. Intelligent assistants can intervene with lightning speed. As in the current Mercedes C-Class and S-Class, the driver is supported by several new and advanced systems that assist, for example, with speed adaptation, distance tracking, direction and lane changes. This makes it easier to react to potential collisions. The operation of the systems is visualized by a new display concept in the instrument cluster.

The new help display in the instrument cluster clearly and transparently shows how the driving assistance systems work in full-screen view. Here the driver can see his own car, lanes, lane lines and other road users such as cars, trucks and two-wheelers in 3D. New animated help screen, real zammomentarily based on a 3D scene.

Numerous connected services offered

The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system enables many digital services. Intuitive operating concept via touchscreen or touch control buttons on the steering wheel, smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, hands-free operation with Bluetooth connectivity and some of these.

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