Dacia at the Paris Motor Show with its New Brand and Identity

Dacia at the Paris Motor Show with its New Brand and Identity
Dacia at the Paris Motor Show with its New Brand and Identity

Dacia will participate in the Paris Motor Show, which will be held at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center from 17 to 23 October. The recently introduced Manifesto concept car and the brand's entire product range will be exhibited at the fair with its new brand identity. Duster will attract attention with a special series version for the first time. In addition, Dacia's first Hybrid 140 engine will be introduced. In addition, eco-designed licensed products will take their place at the fair to offer the opportunity to experience the future vision of the brand.

The entire product range with the new Dacia brand identity

Dacia has recently opened a whole new chapter in its history by adopting its new brand identity. With this transformation, the logo of the entire product range was renewed, while the new logo was identical.zamNew design elements, a network of authorized dealers equipped with signaling with a new brand identity and new colors will be used instantly. Dacia will present all the exciting developments for the first time at the Paris Motor Show. The product range to be exhibited at the stand will have the new logo and emblem.

In the new logo, the stylish lines of the letters "D" and "C" combine like the links of a chain, symbolizing solidity and simplicity. With its logo, Dacia underlines its values: “Simple yet cool, powerful and adventurous, economical and ecological”.

Manifesto reflects Dacia's values

Dacia will also introduce the Manifesto concept car model to the world at the fair. The manifesto embodies Dacia's vision of simple yet cool, durable, affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles. same manifesto zamIt also serves as a testing ground for innovative features that will be used in future series production cars. Manifesto, which presents a compact, light and agile structure, is a car designed for nature and outdoors. An expression of the vision that serves to embody Dacia's values ​​and qualities.

Duster special series "Matte Edition"

The Duster has been sold more than 2010 million times since its launch in 2 and has become an iconic model for Dacia. Dacia has developed a special series version for the Duster model in line with the demand from car enthusiasts. The “Matte Edition” will be exhibited as the guest of honor at the Dacia stand. The special edition will be offered with the powerful and efficient TCe 150 engine with EDC transmission, in the best Dacia equipment level and in a special body colour. Duster's unique “Matte Edition” design will further increase the appeal of the brand, with orders starting at the end of 2022.

Hybrid 140 engine coming soon to Jogger

Dacia will also showcase the Hybrid 140 engine in the form of a preview. The Jogger will be Dacia's first hybrid model next year. The expanding range of ECO-SMART solutions also includes a 140 hp hybrid engine for the first time. Dacia will benefit from this hybrid technology, which has proven itself in the Renault Group. Orders are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2023, with first deliveries scheduled for spring 2023.

Eco-design licensed products

Dacia's specially designed licensed products will also be introduced at the fair. Products consisting of backpacks, water bottles, hats and raincoats were designed as simple, durable and original. The products embody core values ​​that help reconnect with nature and uphold the values ​​of the brand. In addition, in accordance with Dacia's new brand identity; recycled materials (raincoats and backpacks made of recycled polyester, hats made of recycled cotton) and sustainable materials (aluminum water bottles) are used.

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