Citroen BX 40 Years Old

Citroen BX Age
Citroen BX 40 Years Old

Citroen celebrates the 1982th anniversary of the BX model, which was first unveiled under the Eiffel Tower in 40. Citroen BX enthusiasts came together at the Citroen Conservatory in Aulnay-sous-Bois, led by the L'Aventure Citroen Association.

The features of the Citroen BX project, which started in 1978 under the code name "XB", were completed in November 1979. The main goal of the BX project, which sheds light on the future; was its reputation as a modern and extraordinary tool with an emphasis on innovation. The BX was a vehicle with a small displacement and transversely positioned engine to provide good acceleration and low fuel consumption values. Like all high-end Citroen cars of that period, the BX was equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension system that provided comfort and perfect handling. The BX was initially introduced with a 5-door hatchback body. The tool was developed by the Vélizy technical center, which has invested heavily in CAD (Computer Aided Design) to accelerate design and optimize performances. Thanks to this method, the BX achieved an extremely successful aerodynamic coefficient of 0,34 for its period. The use of composite materials in parts such as the bumper, trunk lid, bonnet and side corner panels was also innovative. It weighed only 885 kg. The engines for the BX, the first vehicle of the Groupe PSA era, were taken from the group's powertrain. Starting from the first versions with 62 HP and 72 HP 1360 cc and 90 HP 1580 cc engines, the BX was surprisingly dynamic.

Citroen commissioned the famous Italian body manufacturer Bertone to design the BX. Designer Marcello Gandini (father of Miura, Countach and Stratos) proposed an original design. It was a powerful yet understated design. It drew attention in the automotive world of the period and became the symbol of BX. It was inspired by the CX, with its front console with characteristic elements such as satellite-type controls on both sides of the steering wheel and backlit display. Packed with modern and attractive features, the BX quickly won the press, seducing Citroen customers and gaining new customers, thus achieving a huge commercial success. More than 1994 units were sold before it ended in June 2.337.016.

BX has seen numerous changes over its 12-year lifecycle on the market. In 1985, an elegant estate called Evasion was added to the range, 5 cm longer than the 17-door BX. A comprehensive change was made in 1987. After this change, the BX gained softer contours, while the front console was completely renewed. Equipment such as sunroof, air conditioning, digital displays, velvet upholstery, aluminum wheels, digital clock and on-board computer also contributed to BX's modern vehicle image. With technologies such as engines up to 160 HP, catalytic converter and lambda sensor, electronic injection, diesel engine, automatic transmission, permanent 4-wheel drive and ABS braking system, Citroën BX is the perfect choice for every zamhas been at the forefront of automobile technologies. In fact, the road version of the BX 4 TC Group B race car (2141 cc, 200 HP, 220 km/h) was produced in a limited number of 200 units. The BX also had a number of limited edition special editions (Tonic, Image, Calanque, Leader, etc.), including the famous Digit with an all-digital instrument cluster.

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