Audi was at 212 Photography Istanbul with the 'Find a Way' Project

Audi Was at Photography Istanbul with 'Find a Way Project'
Audi was at 212 Photography Istanbul with the 'Find a Way' Project

Supporting organizations held in many branches of culture and art, Audi Turkey also took its place at 212 Photography Istanbul.

Audi Turkey brought together art lovers with its project 'Find a Way', which brings together the cities of Turkey, which stand out with their history and culture, with different lifestyles.

The fifth edition of 212 Photography Istanbul, which was realized with the contributions of the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, was completed.

Many exhibitions, workshops, talks, concerts, and film screenings were held in different disciplines in the program, which included more than 60 works by over 500 artists from Turkey and many different countries of the world.

Audi Turkey also had the opportunity to meet with art lovers with the video project 'Find a Way', in which Turkey's cities that stand out with their historical and cultural riches, and different life stories from each other, were brought together in the event that they contributed as a sponsor.

Stories inspired by the Audi philosophy

The 'Find a Way' video project tells the stories of names working in different fields such as sports, art and fashion in the unique historical atmospheres of Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Gaziantep, Cappadocia and Adana. The videos, in which the stories of people who seek a different way of living and have different lifestyles are shared, were inspired by the 'excellence', 'innovation', 'fascinating', 'passionate', 'modern' and 'emotional aesthetics' included in Audi's philosophy. .

Videos featuring the extraordinary stories of Pianist Emir Ersoy, Writer Kemal Kaya, Designer Ege İşlekel, Photographer Mustafa Arıkan and Businessperson İrem Baltepe were screened at 212 Photography Istanbul. The videos are also available here.

Some exhibitions and programs are ongoing

16 Photography Istanbul, whose main program ended on October 212, continues with some programs and exhibitions special for the fifth year. Detailed information about the ongoing programs can be found at

About 212 Photography Istanbul

While exploring innovations in visual storytelling in many different disciplines, especially photography and motion pictures, since 212, 2018 Photography Istanbul continues to be an innovative platform that brings together talents and different voices from different geographies with the culture and art audience.

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