What should be considered when renting a car? Where to Rent a Car?

rent a car
rent a car

We would like to inform you about the important rules to be considered when renting a car. We may need to rent a car, especially during holiday periods and in our work schedules. Renting a car is a great advantage because it is both comfortable and more affordable, instead of getting tired in transportation vehicles or pouring money into taxis. Since it is a sector with high demand, it is possible to find dozens of different car rental companies on the internet and in central regions. At this point, there are some points that you should pay attention to in order to rent the most suitable vehicle for you. The easiest and most convenient car rental points are airports. Cardak airport car rental, Dalaman airport car rental ve Antalya airport car rental We will also have suggestions for you!

First of all, let's list the airports in Turkey by region:


  • Balikesir Airport
  • Istanbul: Istanbul Airport – Sabiha Gokcen Airport
  • Bursa New City Airport
  • Canakkale Airport
  • Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport
  • Sakarya Kirkpinar Airport
  • Tekirdag Corlu Airport

Central Anatolia

  • Ankara – Esenboga Airport
  • Eskisehir Anatolian Airport
  • Kahramanmaras Airport
  • Kayseri Erkilet Airport
  • Konya Airport
  • Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport
  • Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport


  • Denizli Cardak Airport – Dalaman rent a car  If you need help with rentalia You can contact the company.
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
  • Kutahya Airport
  • Muğla: Dalaman Airport – Milas-Bodrum Airport
  • Usak Airport


  • Antalya Airport and Alanya Gazipasa Airport – Antalya airport rent a car prices If you need help with rentalia You can contact the company.
  • Adana Sakirpasa Airport
  • Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport

Black Sea

  • Ordu- Giresun Airport
  • Kastamonu Airport
  • Samsun Carsamba Airport
  • Sinop Airport
  • Tokat Airport
  • Trabzon Airport

Eastern Anatolia

  • Agri Airport
  • Bingol Airport
  • Erzurum Airport
  • Erzincan Airport
  • Elazig Airport
  • Kars Airport
  • Malatya Erhac Airport
  • Mus Airport

Southeastern Anatolia

  • Adiyaman Airport
  • Batman Airport
  • Diyarbakir Airport
  • Gaziantep Airport
  • Hakkari Yuksekova Airport
  • Siirt Airport
  • Sirnak Elci Airport

What should be considered when renting a car?

Research the right company. Choosing the companies that a person you know has experienced before and is satisfied zammoment allows you to achieve better results. If you are going to rent from the airport, it will be much easier for you to research and benefit from the comments. If you are going to do your research on your own, for example online, you should focus on scanning large and experienced car rental companies. Reputable companies will allow you to book their vehicles online. What you need to do is to decide where to rent the right vehicle by determining your budget and needs.

Remember that there are things you need to know before renting the car. The daily wage is just one of them. In addition, do not forget to find out if additional fees such as taxes, insurance, mileage, GPS systems are requested. If you're booking online, make sure you see the total payout value before accepting any option.

Make sure that the fuel is full when you pick up the vehicle and that you fill the tank completely when returning. At whatever level the fuel gauge line is when you pick up the vehicle, deliver the fuel at that level when you leave the vehicle.

You are responsible for any damage that may occur without insurance. Therefore, never neglect to question whether you have insurance when renting the vehicle.

It is beneficial to rent a suitable vehicle for the number of people in your vehicle. You do not want to travel alone in an unnecessarily large car. If it will be crowded, giving importance to the spaciousness of the trunk and the smooth operation of the air systems will give you an advantage during your journey.

Driving a rental car never requires you to use the car irresponsibly. When you rent a car, you have to drive very carefully, keeping in mind that you take responsibility for someone else's property. Try not to speed with your rental car and obey all traffic rules.

Most rental car companies allow unlimited mileage, but some may choose to limit mileage. Be sure to ask at the beginning of the rental process whether there is a mileage restriction.

Renting a car is easy, but there are many points to consider in the process. For this reason, carefully reading the contract you will sign will ensure that you do not encounter any troublesome situation at the end of the rental process. If you do not have any knowledge on this subject, it would be a good choice to get the help of a more experienced person to review the contract and to rent the vehicle with him.

If the time of your flight is known, you can make a reservation in advance to rent a car from the airport you will arrive at, and you can guarantee yourself. When you want to make a reservation for airport car rentals, you need to inform the airport car rental company about your flight information 24 hours in advance. Of course, you can also use the early booking option for all other pre-planned trips.

Thanks to early reservation, you will be informed in advance about the model of the vehicle, how many days you will be renting and the date range. As the vehicle you choose will be reserved for you, you will not be left without a vehicle. Otherwise, for example, if your trip coincides with a busy holiday period, you may not be able to find a suitable vehicle for last-minute car rentals.

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