TOGG's Price Will Be Announced in February

TOGG's Price Will Be Announced in February
TOGG's Price Will Be Announced in February

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech at the TOGG Gemlik Campus Opening Ceremony, said, “We are witnessing the realization of a 60-year-old dream with this first vehicle, which we took off the mass production line and brought before you.” said.

President Erdoğan thanked the partners and stakeholders of Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group in his speech at the opening ceremony of Togg Gemlik Campus, where the mass production of Togg, which is among Turkey's vision projects, will take place.

Celebrating the 99th anniversary of the Republic, President Erdoğan said: “I commemorate with mercy and gratitude the ancestors who made Anatolian lands our homeland, the heroes of the National Struggle, the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal, and all members of our Grand National Assembly. On this meaningful day, I give endless praise to my Lord, who enabled us to meet at such a historic opening, where we were one heart as a nation. Yes, being a nation means; It means to live freely in the same country, to unite differences with common dreams, to overcome sorrows with common joy, to reach goals with joint efforts. Being a nation means heading towards a common future on all these traits.” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of Togg, President Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Togg is the name of the project that makes us all enjoy this common dream for the strong future of our country. We are witnessing the realization of a 60-year-old dream with this first vehicle, which we took off the mass production line and brought before you. Red on one side, white on the other. You probably understand what it means. It is the blood that makes the flags the flag, the land is the homeland if there is anyone who dies for it. For this reason, 'Togg is the common pride of 85 million people in Turkey.' we say. I sincerely thank everyone who supported and prayed for the success of Turkey's domestic and national car, Togg, from all over our country and around the world. 'This is a national issue.' I would like to express my gratitude to the heads of political parties, deputies and our friends from all levels of our state, and of course, to our dear citizens, who shared our excitement today.

I heartily congratulate our brave men, technicians, engineers and workers who worked day and night to get Togg off the mass production line. You, along with our nation, honored the legacy of Nuri Demirağ, Nuri Killigil, Vecihi Hürkuş and Şakir Zümre. You know, yesterday in Ankara, we shared the good news of our vision for the Turkish Century, which will mark the new century of our Republic, with our nation. The first photograph of the Century of Turkey is the facility we put into service here, the vehicle we stand in front of.”

President Erdoğan said that manufacturers describe Togg as a smart device.

Wishing that the Togg Gemlik Campus, where Turkey's domestic and national automobile will be produced, and the smart devices downloaded from the tape will be beneficial for the country and the nation, President Erdoğan stated that the Turkish nation has continued its existence by overcoming the most difficult obstacles for thousands of years and has established its state by passing through the circle of destiny.

Emphasizing that the first years of the Republic were entered as a country that bore all the burden of World War I, was tired of wars, and its resources were depleted, President Erdoğan said, “In those difficult days, our entrepreneurs, who embraced their work with the spirit of national struggle, launched very important initiatives despite all the impossibilities. With this enthusiasm, fireworks factories were established in Ankara, steel factories in Kırıkkale and aircraft factories in Kayseri. The foundations of many more works were laid in Anatolia. However, these brilliant attempts of the young republic were destroyed one by one by invisible hands with the Second World War.” he said.

“It never suits us to think small”

Expressing that patriotic entrepreneurs such as Vecihi Hürkuş, Nuri Demirağ, Şakir Zümre and Nuri Killigil, who set up factories with their own talents, efforts and resources, were blocked, President Erdoğan continued:

“It is sad that the airplanes produced in those factories were replaced by incubators, and the bombs produced were replaced by stove pipes. They broke our people's self-confidence to such an extent with the destructions, some of which were carried out insidiously and some ruthlessly, that we could not escape the pressure we were stuck in, like a straitjacket that was put on us for decades. The last 20 years of our country have passed with the struggle to tear this shirt cut for us and to extract the ore of our essence from its burial place. This is what suited us, as the heirs of an ancient state tradition of thousands of years and a world state that ruled the world for 6 centuries. Because we are the grandchildren of scholars, conquerors who opened and closed eras, pioneers who changed the world, who laid the foundations of today's science with their inventions in every field from medicine to engineering. For this reason, thinking small never suits us.”

Pointing out that Turkey's goals are big, its vision is broad and its faith is full, President Erdoğan said:

“The way to be strong and stay strong is to be self-sufficient and not be needy. That's why we say 'national' at every opportunity, we say 'domestic'. Is there anyone whose heart is not filled with joy after seeing the success we have achieved in every field, from the defense industry to the automotive, from energy to health, under the guidance of our national technology move? Has anyone seen our Atak and Gökbey helicopters, our Anatolian warship, our Hürkuş aircraft, our Akıncı, Bayraktar, Anka unmanned aerial vehicles, and our Tayfun missile, and who doesn't swell? Here the typhoon missiles began to be fired. What did the Greek begin to do? Tayfun immediately entered their agenda in television broadcasts and newspapers. Just wait, there will be more to come. Now Togg has entered the roads of Europe with all these models. zamthey will seriously catch up. What will they say? They will say, 'Crazy Turks are coming'."

President Erdoğan stated that when the Togg Gemlik Campus reaches full capacity, 175 thousand vehicles will be produced here, while 4 thousand 300 people will be directly employed and 20 thousand people will be indirectly employed, and said, “With 2030 million vehicles to be produced here until 1, our national income will be 50 billion dollars and the current account deficit will be increased. We will contribute more than 7 billion dollars to the reduction of said.

President Erdoğan asked if anyone was not proud while benefiting from the works they brought to the country in every field from education to health, from security to justice, from transportation to energy.

“Of course there can be exceptions. Don't ever hurt yourself." President Erdoğan emphasized that this table is not a table of exceptions, but a picture that is one, big, alive, brothers. President Erdoğan said: “My brothers, we will not look at them, we will look at where we came from. We will continue on our way by saying 'not tomorrow, but now'. used the phrases.

Explaining that they did not come to these days so easily, President Erdoğan said that they had historical struggles in all political, diplomatic and military fields.

“We have worked day and night to fix the centuries-old neglect in our infrastructure. We prioritize science, technology, research and development. We developed our industry, agriculture and exports. In our country, we have established an innovation ecosystem from scratch in 20 years. We increased the number of our technoparks from 2 to 96, the number of our organized industrial zones from 192 to 344, and the employment there from 415 thousand to 2,5 million. Do not give credit to those who are walking around saying 'The factory is not being built'. Today, Turkish industrialists are competing with each other to find land to establish a factory. While the epidemic shook the supply chains in Europe and Asia, our industrialist was busy exporting to the whole world. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem received more than $1,5 billion in investment last year. zambroke the record of moments. There is no need to go 10 thousand kilometers away to see where technology and entrepreneurship has come in the world. For this, it is enough to look at the technoparks in Turkey and visit Turkish entrepreneurs. Wherever you go in the world, you will encounter Turkish brands. Hopefully, Togg will decorate the roads in many countries of the world as a prestigious Turkish brand in the coming period.”

“TOGG Gemlik Facility is here as a work on 1,2 million square meters of land, with a closed area of ​​230 thousand square meters”

President Erdoğan stated that Turkey, the number one commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe, is also one of the few automotive exporters in the world, and yet not having a domestic and national automobile brand always hurts the hearts of the nation.

“Now is the time to launch a national automobile brand.” Stating that when they said that, the nation was with them with this longing and enthusiasm, President Erdoğan said:

“As the President of the country, I have always invited brave men all the way through when I was Prime Minister. Because I knew that there are brave men in this country who will undertake this job. Finally happened. Like all our efforts, weren't there those who sneered at this? there was. In fact, it goes even further and says, 'Manufacturing domestic cars is suicide.' I've seen people say However, we did not compromise on our decision and continued to search for brave men who would bring this project to life. Thanks to them, the leading industrial companies of our country came together and started our domestic automobile project with all their knowledge and experience. Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group was so popular that Togg, consisting of its initials, took its place in the hearts as the name of the brand.”

Expressing that in this process, he also encountered those who tried to make sure that the project would experience the fate of the Devrim car, and those who tried to turn themselves back this way by saying, "You can't do it, you can't sell it even if you do," and said:

“If you remember, in the first presentation of the vehicle we unloaded today, we asked, 'Where is this factory?' There were those who made fun of themselves by saying that. Here, here is the factory. From here, I ask those who have tried to strangle and devalue the project from the very beginning; 'Where is the factory?' you were saying. The factory is here, in Bursa Gemlik. The Togg Gemlik Facility, which was built at record speed despite the epidemic conditions, is here as a work with a closed area of ​​1,2 thousand square meters on 230 million square meters of land. Now let's open a little more; In this facility, there is a research and development center, a design center, a prototype development and testing center, a strategy and management center. There is also a test track that I have just experienced personally. I came from there. In short, everything needed to produce cars is here. Also, this is an environmentally friendly, green facility.”

“Those who prevented the Revolution car 60 years ago could not and will not succeed in the car of the era”

Pointing out that SMEs and suppliers from all over Anatolia are involved in the production of Togg, a national project whose intellectual and industrial property rights belong 100% to Turkey, President Erdoğan said:

“When Togg Gemlik Campus reaches full capacity, 175 thousand vehicles will be produced here every year, while 4 thousand 300 people will be directly employed and 20 thousand people will be indirectly employed. With 2030 million vehicles to be produced here by 1, we will contribute more than 50 billion dollars to our national income and more than 7 billion dollars to the reduction of the current account deficit. Despite this, of course, there are those who still try to handle the Togg. But we also know well that these are the cühela team who are unaware of both the vision of creating a brand and how the global competition works. It is a futile effort to explain these to those who do not know that many parts of centuries-old automobile companies are produced in Turkey. As the fulfillment of our responsibility, we do our part and leave the rest to our nation. Our nation knows very well who to appreciate and who to condemn. If there are still those who say, 'You can't, you can't produce', they should take a good look at these cars. Those who hindered the Revolution car 60 years ago could not and will not succeed in the car of the era, thank goodness. What are they saying now? 'Who will buy this? You cannot sell.' Now they're starting to say that. I hope that our nation, especially myself, will give them the answer to this."

President Erdoğan stated that they have reached an agreement with one of the world's leading companies for the production of Togg lithium-ion batteries in Turkey, and that they will soon lay the foundation of the battery factory to be built on a 609 thousand square meter land next to the Togg facility.

President Erdoğan again conveyed the order to purchase Togg's first approved mass production vehicle.

Expressing that they saw cars of different colors while touring the production line, President Erdoğan said, “Mashallah, each one is beautiful in its own way. Of course, I am not sure about the color of the car we will buy, Emine Hanım, we will consult and make the decision after that.” said.

Expressing that he does not doubt that the nation will show great favor to Togg, President Erdoğan said, “I call on the managers of all our public and private sector banks to take responsibility so that our citizens can easily buy Togg. Since we call this vehicle 'Turkey's car', then let's do what is necessary together.” he said.

Noting that electric cars are one of the technologies that they have just met, like the rest of the world, President Erdoğan said that there is no noise or noise while driving, that they continue on their way very calmly and calmly, that the vehicle is also fast, and that driving in such peace will relieve all buyers.

“Togg offers 81 fast chargers at more than 600 locations in our 1000 cities with Trugo”

Stating that there are issues that citizens are curious about about Togg and that he wants to clarify the most important issue of batteries and charging stations, President Erdoğan said, “We have made an agreement with one of the leading companies in the world for the production of Togg lithium-ion batteries in our country. We are soon laying the foundation of the battery factory, which will be built on the 609 thousand square meter land next to the Togg facility. Of course, if our Minister of Defense is ready for this, we will finish the job as soon as possible. Okay, the soldier saluted. The matter is over.” used the phrases.

Recalling that they said "Turkey will be the production base of electric vehicles" when they set out on this road, President Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Togg is driving the road to that goal. Brethren, wherever the locomotive goes, the wagons go too. Global companies have a great interest in our country in terms of electric vehicle investments. With the support of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are implementing a project that will install over 81 fast charging units in all 1500 provinces in order to expand the charging infrastructure. In this context, we have granted electric vehicle charging station operating licenses to 54 companies. Togg, with its own brand Trugo, offers 81 fast chargers at more than 600 points in 1000 provinces.”

“The price of Togg will also be announced in February when the pre-sale will start”

what's your togg zamExplaining that he will be on the road at the moment, President Erdoğan said, “You are wondering about this too. Today, the testing and certification processes of the vehicles that come off the mass production line begin immediately. Since Togg will also dust the European roads, it will have the technical qualification certificate sought in those markets. So hopefully we will see Togg on our roads at the end of the first quarter of 2023.” said.

Noting that another issue is how citizens can own Togg, President Erdoğan said:

“This is how I answer this question without revealing Togg's trade secrets. Togg, a new generation initiative, will meet with our citizens without intermediaries. Just like other new generation vehicle manufacturers, at Togg we decided to solve the sales business by combining the digital and physical experience. Our citizens will be able to place their Togg orders with the pre-sale starting in February. Pre-sale and order terms will be announced by the company when the time comes. One of the most curious issues is what will be the price of the vehicle? We will decide together with the brave men that the price of Togg will be determined in a way that will ensure its competitiveness in the market conditions. It is both correct and impossible to announce the price of a product that will be released to the market at the end of March next year. I think the price of Togg will be announced in February when the pre-sale will start. There is no need to worry.”

Today, the 99th anniversary of the Republic has been reached. zamEmphasizing that they once again underlined their determination to build the Century of Turkey, President Erdoğan said, “Our childhood and youth were spent listening to how the Republic was founded in schools, in midst of impossibilities. We have not forgotten the images of our citizens celebrating the foundation of the Republic with their patched clothes, torn sandals on their feet, and the banner 'This is how we won the Republic'. Our country is now at a level to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of our Republic with the opening ceremonies of Marmaray, Istanbul Airport and Togg facility. Today, we say 'Long live the Republic' once again and wholeheartedly as we implement a century-old project like Togg.” he said.

President Erdoğan wished the Togg Gemlik Facility, which they inaugurated, to be beneficial for the country and the nation, and expressed his gratitude on behalf of his nation to everyone who contributed and contributed to the realization of the project.

The first Togg off the tape will be exhibited at the Presidential Complex

The ceremony was attended by Vice President Fuat Oktay, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop, Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Celal Adan, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş, Family and Social Minister of Services Derya Yanık, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer , Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli, BBP Chairman Mustafa Destici, Re-Welfare Party Chairman Fatih Erbakan , Turkey Change Party Chairman Mustafa Sarıgül, DSP Chairman Önder Aksakal, Vatan Pa rtisi Chairman Doğu Perinçek, Motherland Party Chairman İbrahim Çelebi, IYI Party Deputy Chairman Koray Aydın, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, force commanders, AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş, Presidency Communications Director Fahrettin Altun, Presidency Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, Religious Affairs President Ali Erbaş, former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Tansu Çiller, TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, ITO President Şekib Avdagiç, presidents of chambers of commerce, deputies, mayors, and many guests from the business and political worlds attended.

Many local and foreign media members and foreign guests also showed great interest in the ceremony.

Before President Erdoğan's address, the final film was screened and a live connection was made to the mass production line in the assembly facility.

After the speech, a boy named Yahya presented a photograph of himself and President Erdogan with Togg as a gift to President Erdogan.

At the end of the ceremony, Minister Varank, Hisarcıklıoğlu and Togg stakeholders presented President Erdoğan with miniatures of all colors of NFT and Togg regarding his first order.

Hisarcıklıoğlu presented the key of Togg, which was first off the tape to be exhibited at the Presidential Complex, to President Erdoğan.

The ceremony ended with the prayer of the President of Religious Affairs, Erbaş.

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