How Much Will Domestic Car TOGG Be Sold? How Much Will TOGG Price Be?

Domestic Car TOGG Will Be Sold For How Many Lira How Much Will TOGG Price Be?
How Much Will Domestic Car TOGG Be Sold? How Much Will TOGG Price Be?

Mass production of the domestic car TOGG will start on October 29 with the opening of the Gemlik factory. So how many liras will the domestic car TOGG be sold? How much will the TOGG price be? How much will the TOGG SUV model be sold for?

According to the information received by Aysel Yücel from the world, from sources close to TOGG, it was learned that TOGG will not have a dealership system. TOGG, like the US electric car giant Tesla, will only be sold online. Like Tesla, Togg is expected to have promotional and experience stores in various regions of Turkey. It is stated that the details on this subject will be announced at the launch on October 29.

For the price of TOGG's most curious and talked about subject, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank emphasized 'accessibility' last week. TOGG's CEO, Gürcan Karakaş, was often signaling that it would be offered at an 'accessible' price. However, although the increasing exchange rate confuses the citizens, it is considered that TOGG will enter the 10 percent SCT segment.

Cars whose engine power does not exceed 10 kW and whose tax-free price does not exceed 160 thousand TL can enter the 700 percent SCT segment in electric vehicles. This means that when the tax-free price is calculated over a maximum of 700 thousand TL, TOGG's entry price will be 900 thousand at the most 'under today's conditions'.

Tuncay Özilhan, Chairman of Anadolu Group, one of Togg's partners, states that they aim to include the vehicle in the 7 percent SCT and they will achieve this. With 7 percent SCT, it means that the vehicle will still be under 900 thousand TL in today's conditions. On the other hand, it is stated that the absence of a dealership system will create an advantage in price. Because it is known that the dealer sells the vehicle with a profit margin of at least 7-8 percent.

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