New Opel Astra in Turkey

New Opel Astra in Turkey
New Opel Astra in Turkey

Opel Astra launched the sixth generation of the Astra, one of the most preferred models in its class, for sale in Turkey. The German-designed sixth-generation Opel Astra, offered for sale in Turkey, draws attention not only with the brand's renewed design, but also with its technologies beyond its class. The new Opel Astra meets automobile lovers in our country with four different equipment, 1,2 liter turbo petrol and 1,5 liter diesel engine options, with prices starting from 668 thousand 900 TL.

Arousing emotions with its new generation, Opel Astra also draws attention with its interior and exterior design. Attracting attention with its sharp lines at the first eye contact, the new Astra redefines the standards in its class with the technologies it offers and efficient engine options.

The new Astra, which started to be sold in Turkey with four different equipment options, Editon, Elegance, GS Line and GS, offers car lovers a rich choice. The new model, which hit the roads of our country with efficient 1,2-liter petrol and 1,5-liter diesel engine options, has an 8-speed automatic transmission named AT8 in both engine options. Standing out as a true design symbol in every respect, the new Astra is waiting for its owners in Opel showrooms in our country with prices starting from 668 thousand 900 TL.

Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin, who is excited to bring the sixth generation of the Astra, one of Opel's most popular models, to the roads of our country, said in his assessment, “Opel's new design language, first embodied in Mokka, this time with the interpretation of Astra.” said.

Stating that the design language used in exterior and interior design is also appreciated by consumers in Turkey, Girgin said, “I am sure that the new Astra will be one of the most preferred models of its class in Turkey with its high driving pleasure, rich equipment and efficient engine options. I think that the new generation Astra will give a serious impetus to Opel Turkey's rising sales chart. As Turkey, we are Opel's third largest market in Europe and we aim to further strengthen this title with the sixth generation Astra.” made a statement.

Bold and simple design philosophy

The design of the new Astra meets the current design language that Opel will apply throughout the 2020s. The Opel Visor, which is the new design face and basic exterior design element used by the brand for the first time in the real Mokka, extends along the front of the vehicle, making the new model appear wider.

Technologies such as the ultra-thin IntelliLux LED Pixel headlights and the IntelliVision 360 degree surround view camera are integrated into the Visor. The new generation Astra looks very dynamic when viewed from the side. When viewed from behind, the Opel Compass approach; centrally positioned in the middle, the lightning logo is emphasized by the vertically aligned 3rd brake light and taillights.

As in all exterior lighting, energy-saving LED technology is used in the taillights as well. The lightning bolt logo on the trunk lid plays an important role as a trunk release latch.

New generation Pure Panel digital cockpit

The same German precision applies to the interior, with the new generation Pure Panel cockpit used for the first time on the Mokka. This wide digital cockpit, which is standard from the base equipment, can be preferred in the form of all glass depending on the equipment levels and draws attention with its two 10” HD screens integrated horizontally together with the driver's side ventilation.

Thanks to a curtain-like layer that prevents reflections on the windshield, the cockpit does not require a visor over the screens, offering advanced technology and functionality and improving the interior ambiance. Pure Panel, where its basic functions are controlled with elegantly designed touch controls, provides the optimum balance between digitalization and intuitive operation. The new generation infotainment system, which can be used with natural language voice control besides the touch screen, offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity developed for smartphones.

Efficiency expert turbo petrol and diesel engine options

The new Astra is offered for sale in our country with two separate power units, a gasoline and a diesel engine with a high efficiency level. The 2-liter turbo petrol engine produces 1,2 HP and 130 Nm of torque, and transfers its power to the road with a 230-speed manual or 6-speed AT8 gearbox. With its 8-speed manual transmission, the new Astra offers an average fuel consumption of 6-100 liters per 5,4 kilometers, while the AT5,7 version has a WLTP average fuel consumption of 8-5,6 liters. With its automatic and manual transmission, the new Astra completes the acceleration from 5,8 to 9,7 km / h in 0 seconds. The maximum speed of both manual and automatic versions is 100 km/h.

Equipped with a very efficient 1.5-liter engine on the diesel front, the new generation Astra transfers its 130 HP and 300 Nm of torque to the road with an 8-speed AT8 fully automatic transmission. The maximum speed of the new Astra with diesel engine, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10,6 seconds, is 209 km/h, and the real expertise of the diesel engine is in fuel consumption. With its 1,5-liter diesel engine, the new Astra offers an average of 100-4,5 liters of mixed consumption per 4,6 kilometers, according to WLTP criteria.

Dynamic and balanced handling

The new Astra is built on the third generation of the highly flexible EMP2 multi-energy platform, in keeping with the Opel DNA from the very beginning. This is the dynamic but the same handling zamIt means that it is balanced at the moment and that the new model, like every Opel, is “autobahn proof”.

The model's handling capability is one of the top priority development targets. The new model performs superbly during braking and remains remarkably stable in curves as well as in a straight line. The torsional rigidity of the new Astra is 14 percent higher than the previous generation.

lower and wider

The new Opel Astra, which was introduced to the market with the sporty hatchback body type, stands out with its wider interior compared to the generation it replaced, despite having a lower silhouette. With a length of 4.374 mm and a width of 1.860 mm, the new Astra is right at the center of the compact class. The new Astra has a 2.675 mm (+13 mm) longer wheelbase, but is only 4,0 mm longer than its predecessor. With its muscular and confident stance, the new Astra offers a luggage volume of 422 liters with its practical luggage with adjustable floor.

High safety standard from the base equipment

The new generation Astra has started to be sold in Turkey with four different hardware options, namely Editon, Elegance, GS Line and GS, and offers high security as standard starting from the base equipment. In addition to cornering and straight-line stability control, driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags, traction control system, secondary collision brake and cruise control, active lane keeping system with lane protection, which we are accustomed to seeing in the upper segment, camera that can detect vehicles and cyclists based active emergency braking system, traffic sign detection system, speed adaptation system and driver fatigue detection system are standard from the base equipment.

The New Opel Astra, which includes the keyless start system as standard in all equipment, offers both safety and comfort to its driver in urban maneuvers and parking situations. While the front and rear parking sensors are standard from the base equipment, the 180-degree rear view camera is in the Elegance equipment; IntelliVision 360 degree surround view camera is offered as standard in GS Line and GS equipment.

Advanced driving assistance systems

New Astra, same zamIt also includes the most up-to-date autonomous driving assistance systems. All this advanced technology, in addition to the multi-function camera on the windshield, four body cameras, one on the front, one on the back and one on the sides; It uses five radar sensors, one in the front and in each corner, as well as ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear.

IntelliDrive; It includes functions such as rear cross traffic alert, advanced blind spot warning system and active lane keeping system with lane centering. The new Astra also includes adaptive cruise control, which can increase or decrease speed to follow the vehicle ahead without exceeding the set speed, and brake to a stop if necessary.

New Astra brings premium IntelliLux LED Pixel Headlights' into the compact class

Astra's role as a pioneer in advanced technology continues with the Opel brand's areas of expertise, namely lighting and seating systems. The previous generation played a leading role in the introduction of adaptive LED Matrix headlights in 2015. IntelliLux LED Pixel headlight technology, which comes as standard with the GS equipment, is offered to the compact class for the first time with the new Astra.

This advanced technology, which is available in Opel's Grandland and Insignia models, offers the most advanced lighting technology in the market with 84 LED cells, each of which is 168 in the ultra-thin headlight. The high beam is adjusted flawlessly in milliseconds without glare in the eyes of other road users.

In oncoming or forward traffic, drivers are not affected by light filtering at all. The range and direction of the light are automatically adapted in 10 different modes according to the driving conditions and the environment, thus providing optimum illumination in all weather and road conditions. The new Opel Astra makes a difference in its class with full LED headlights, LED fog lights and LED taillights starting from the base equipment.

Ergonomic seats with heating and best-in-class AGR approval

Opel's award-winning ergonomic AGR-approved seats have a well-deserved reputation, and the new Astra continues that long-standing tradition. The "Germany Healthy Backs Campaign" certified front seats, which come as standard on the driver's side as of the Elegance equipment, are 12 mm lower than the previous generation. This adds to the sporty driving feeling.

The foam density of the seats, which blend sports and comfort perfectly, guarantees a good posture. The new Astra's AGR front seats are best in the compact class and have different optional adjustment functions, from electric backrest adjustment to electric lumbar support. Heated front seats, heated steering wheel and heated windshield, which are offered as standard from GS Line equipment, increase comfort in winter months. For seats with Alcantara upholstery in GS equipment, the front passenger seat is also AGR approved; The driver's seat, on the other hand, makes a difference with its electric and memory function, while the memory function of the side mirrors draws attention.

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