What is a choreographer, what does he do, how to become a choreographer?

What is a choreographer, what does a choreographer do
What is a choreographer, what does he do, how to be

Performing arts such as ballet, dance, musical or revue; He is the person who directs the dancers by designing the movements suitable for the music and the staged piece in a certain harmony. It can also be called briefly as a dance director, step designer or dance composer. choreographers; They are the people who determine and organize the general lines of the program in stage shows such as fashion shows and musicals.

What Does a Choreographer Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

  • Analyzing the work to be staged well and designing the appropriate movements for this work,
  • To carefully determine the music related to the work and to design the figures accordingly,
  • Guiding the actors or dancers about the harmony of their movements with the rhythm of the music,
  • Rehearsal of dances
  • To provide the necessary coordination between the movements that need to be added or removed,
  • Staying close to the stage during the performance, making careful observations and correcting the problems,
  • Selecting the actors suitable for the choreography he has prepared is among the main duties of the choreographer.

What It Takes To Be A Choreographer

For those who want to become a choreographer, there are various education options such as state conservatories, private universities' conservatories or private dance courses. High school graduates can apply for the aptitude tests of conservatories by obtaining the required base score as a result of the university exam. Those who are successful in the aptitude tests can complete their education in public or private educational institutions. It is a section in which the performance shown in the aptitude exams rather than the written exams outweighs the assessment.

What Education Is Required to Become a Choreographer?

Those who want to shape their career in this direction can choose one of the dance departments in the conservatories of state or private universities in Turkey. Depending on what field he wants to specialize in and his ability, the person should improve himself in choreography. Choreographer candidates within the modern dance program; He also takes technical and artistic courses. Theoretical courses are of great importance in terms of being professionally competent and helping in designing choreography. In addition to these, choreographers should receive training in areas such as aesthetics, anatomy, abstract thought, art history, and literature during their education.

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