Super Enduro Championship Excitement is in Bursa

Super Enduro Championship Excitement in Bursa
Super Enduro Championship Excitement is in Bursa

The fifth leg of the Turkish Super Enduro Championship, attended by the best enduro bikers of Turkey, started in Bursa's Iznik district. In the races supported by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the athletes fought fiercely with their rivals.

The fifth leg of the Turkish Super Enduro Championship, which was held on 17-18 September with the support of Iznik Municipality and the Turkish Motorcycle Federation under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started at Elbeyli Er Square in the Iznik district of Bursa with the participation of 40 athletes. In the races, enduro players tried to overcome difficult obstacles. The races were held in Enduro Prestige (EP), Enduro Master (EU), Enduro Hobby (EH), Enduro Junior (EG), Enduro Veteran (EV) and Enduro Women classes. Free training and qualifying races also excited the audience. In the final race, the athletes struggled with both obstacles and their opponents on the extreme track.

The magazine start of the fifth leg of the championship in the National Will Square was given by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and İznik Mayor Kağan Mehmet Usta.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş wished success to the athletes participating in the races. Giving the good news that new surprises will be announced soon to the Iznik district, President Alinur Aktaş said that they will host the World Nomad Games on September 29. Stating that Iznik is an open-air museum and living history, Mayor Aktaş said, “As Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Iznik Municipality, we are making important moves in the district. Of course, the endoru races are also a great organization for adrenaline lovers. Athletes added color to the competition with the show in the city center. We are very happy to support the competition in which athletes from different cities take part. Congratulations to those involved. I wish the athletes success," he said.

Mayor of Iznik, Kağan Mehmet Usta, stated that the races started in Iznik with the participation of 17 athletes from 40 cities. Explaining that they have been hosting these races for 10 years, Usta said, “We are now assertive in this regard in Turkey. With the support of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the races started to be held on a larger scale. We will also host different races in the future,” he said.

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