Record Sales in Toyota Commercial Vehicles

Record Sales in Toyota Commercial Vehicles
Record Sales in Toyota Commercial Vehicles

Toyota; In the commercial product range, which consists of three vehicles, namely Hilux, Proace City and Proace City Cargo, in the first 8 months, all the products in Turkey on behalf of the brand. zamReached the highest number of sales ever.

Toyota's Toyota Professional product range continues to attract great interest from commercial vehicle users. Having signed the sales of 6 thousand 373 light commercial vehicles in the January-August period, Toyota sold 6 thousand 289 commercial vehicles in August.

The figures in August have increased by 50 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. With the increase achieved, Toyota's market share in light commercial vehicles increased by 2,2 percentage points compared to the previous year and reached 6,1 percent.

The most preferred light commercial Toyota model in the first 8 months was the Hilux pick-up, which stands out with its legendary durability, high terrain and carrying capacity as well as driving comfort.

In the first 8 months, 4 customers preferred the Hilux model. Hilux, which achieved sales of 346 units in August, zamIt reached the second highest monthly sales of moments. The Hilux pick-up model was followed by Proace City with 8 units and Proace City Cargo with 458 units in the first 485 months.

“Toyota difference” makes life easier in commercial vehicles as well

In addition to the quality of its light commercial vehicles, Toyota also makes the life of commercial vehicle customers easier with the services it offers. Established to provide a comprehensive service to its customers, Toyota Professional makes the Toyota difference live in commercial vehicles with professional services.

Toyota's commercial vehicles are under the Toyota Warranty System for 5 years/150 thousand kilometers, unique in their segment. Toyota also manufactures heavily used light commercial vehicles. zamThe moment Toyota keeps it under warranty. same zamCurrently, Toyota commercial vehicle users can extend their vehicle warranties with the Warranty ON system up to 10 years and 160 thousand kilometers with periodic maintenance.

In addition, light commercial vehicle users can get free road assistance 24 hours a day, 2 days a week, for 7 years with Toyota 24-hour roadside assistance. Toyota Professional allows users to set their schedules as they wish with online appointment. Toyota Professional customers are given priority with a 2-day appointment guarantee and no job is done. zammoment is ensured.

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