Off-Road Racing Breaths in Ordu

Army Off Road Races Breathtaking
Off-Road Races in Ordu Breathtaking

A new one has been added to the national and international organizations held in Ordu. 40 off-road enthusiasts from 250 cities across Turkey came together in Ordu. The races on the specially prepared track in the Durugöl neighborhood of Altınordu district were breathtaking.

Ordu, which has become the shining star of the Black Sea with its national and international activities, has signed another important organization. 40 athletes from 250 provinces met in Ordu with the support of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality.

In cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Yason Off-Road Demolition Team, “Army Meeting Off-Road Festival 2022” was held in Durugöl neighborhood of Altınordu district.

The organization, attended by 40 off-road enthusiasts from 250 provinces, was held on a specially prepared track on the banks of the Melet River in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi.


In the races where 250 vehicles in different categories according to engine power took place, the athletes tried to compete on the difficult track. In the races, where minor accidents were also experienced, some cars could not complete the race, while the owners of the cars who successfully completed the track were ranked.


Making a statement about the competition, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Sait Inan said, “As motor sports activity, our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Under the auspices of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, we are launching a very good organization. I hope it will be a beautiful day where good memories will be accumulated without any work for the fire brigade and medical teams," he said.

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