New Citroen E-C4 in Turkey in October

New Citroen EC in Turkey in October
New Citroen E-C4 in Turkey in October

The 4 percent electric version of the new Citroen C100 in the compact hatchback class, the e-C4, will go on sale in Turkey in October.

With the e-C4, Citroen continues its journey of achieving its goal of providing an accessible mobility solution for everyone, touching every aspect of the mobility world, by continuing its electric mobility move. With a range of 4 kilometers (WLTP cycle), the E-C350 supports long journeys apart from daily use, while its 50 kWh battery offers better charging times with 100 kW DC fast charging power.

Citroen continues its electric mobility move with the fully electric e-C4. Focusing on providing mobility that touches all areas of the mobility world and accessible to everyone, Citroen is preparing to launch the e-C4, the fully electric version of the C4 model, on the roads in Turkey in October.

Both comfortable and fully electric driving pleasure with high range

The E-C4 offers the ideal solution for everyday use. The E-C4's ease of use makes it a daily use for most users; it meets with a quiet, smooth, dynamic and CO2-free drive. The battery with a capacity of 50 kWh can be charged in the office and at home through a traditional socket or Wall Box in daily use. Thanks to the certified range of 350 km (WLTP cycle), there is no need to charge the battery every day. In addition, thanks to its remarkable interior volume and optimized weight, it offers comfort and range in daily use.

Charge in 100 minutes with 30 kW fast charge (DC)

While the E-C4 makes your daily mobility needs more practical, zamIt offers features that make your long-distance journeys easier. Thanks to its battery that supports 100 kW fast charging, long journeys are now more stress-free. When you take a coffee or lunch break during your long journeys, it is enough to charge your vehicle. The battery can be charged up to 30 percent in just 80 minutes. Since lithium-ion batteries are used in electric vehicles, the charging speed with fast charging (DC) occurs faster at the beginning of the charge than at the end. Therefore, instead of waiting for the battery to be fully charged, it is more advantageous to charge the battery up to 80 percent.

High efficiency heat pump

In vehicles with internal combustion engines, cabin heating is provided by utilizing the heat of the exhaust gas coming out of the engine. Since there is no internal combustion engine in electric vehicles, there is no exhaust gas that can be used to adjust the interior temperature of the cabin. For this reason, when the electricity stored directly in the battery is used for cabin air conditioning, the range is negatively affected.

In order to prevent this situation in electric vehicles, a heat pump is used. Thanks to the heat pump, the electricity stored in the battery is not used for air conditioning in the cabin, instead the temperature of the outside air is increased or decreased by changing the pressure value. The outside air, whose temperature can be changed, can also be used to heat or cool the air inside the cabin.

Aiming to offer maximum range to its users, the e-C4 has a high efficiency heat pump as standard.

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