Mercedes-Benz's 2 Stars Graduated

Mercedes Benz Thousand Star Graduated
Mercedes-Benz's 2 Stars Graduated

The “Our EML is the Star of the Future” project, which has been implemented since 2014 with the cooperation of Mercedes-Benz Automotive, Mercedes-Benz Türk, Ministry of National Education and Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers and Services, aims to create added value for Turkey in vocational training and employment. continues. Within the scope of the project, Mercedes-Benz Laboratories (MBL) were implemented by Mercedes-Benz in 28 Industrial Vocational High Schools (EML) providing education in 32 cities. Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipment, more than 3 measuring instruments, notebooks, desktop computers, projectors, 329 engines, gearboxes and various models and educational materials prepared in accordance with current automotive technology are provided to each laboratory for students to work on, while Mercedes-Benz's total support to schools is provided. It left behind 3,5 million Euros.

165 students were employed at Mercedes-Benz

Since 2014, the number of students studying at MBL's has been 2, and the number of graduates has been 416. After the MBL education, 994 percent of the students had employment opportunities and 63 percent of the recruits turned to the automotive sector. While 67 of these students started working at Mercedes-Benz, 165 of the 38 female students who participated in the program were employed within the company.

“We will support students to make the best career plan”

Şükrü Bekdikhan, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz Automotive, explained the new steps to be taken as of next year within the scope of the project. Bekdikhan said, “After our impact analysis study, we evaluated the main actions we can take at our schools and dealers. In this direction, the selection criteria set used by our students in the laboratories will be tried to be expanded and it will be optimized with the participation of the dealers. Thus, it will be tried to ensure the continuity of the students from MBL until their graduation. Likewise, trainings will be given to our students and teachers in order to increase their CV preparation competence. During their internships, we will closely monitor the progress of our students and ensure that they make the best career plan together with our dealers.”

“Full support to increase women's participation in production and employment”

Bekdikhan further stated that the “Our EML is the Star of the Future” project creates added value for women's participation in the workforce. Noting that as Mercedes-Benz, they support to increase female employment, Bekdikhan said, “Our EML, Star of the Future project, provides qualified training to our youth in industrial vocational high schools and creates employment opportunities after their graduation. Thanks to our project that we have been carrying out for 8 years, we are happy that our young people take part in various sectors, especially automotive. It is very valuable for us that especially our female students participate in our program and receive the support of Mercedes-Benz in their career choices and get into business life. With our project, we will explain that women who will host the families of female students at the dealers will be able to draw a career path not only in the workshop but also in different departments. As Mercedes-Benz, we attach importance to the fact that women can have effective roles both in social life and in the business world since our establishment. Our EML, Future Star project, which we implemented with this in mind, proved successful by enabling women to participate in production and employment from a young age.”

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