Hyundai IONIQ 5 Redefines Mobility in Turkey

Hyundai IONIQ Redefines Mobility in Turkey
Hyundai IONIQ 5 Redefines Mobility in Turkey

Inspired by the first mass production model, PONY, which Hyundai launched 45 years ago, the IONIQ 5 brings a completely different breath to mobility in Turkey. Being one of the pioneers of the automotive world with its technologies and serious investments in R&D, Hyundai offers performance, economy and high-level comfort together by raising awareness in BEV models.

Expressing his views on the new model they offered for sale, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “As Hyundai, we continue to produce and develop mobility solutions that will make our customers' lives easier with the motto of "Progress for Humanity". With our IONIQ 5 model, we want to make life easier for users in Turkey and to offer a high level mobility experience. The IONIQ 5 will push the boundaries between electric models and allow users to enjoy a car even more. It is a candidate to be one of the most stylish and useful models of recent years with its performance that does not match sports cars, an interior prepared using recycled materials and a range of 430 km. With IONIQ 5, we set out to create a game-changing new mobility experience. Our goal is; To be a pioneer in the field of electric cars in Turkey as well as in the world and to make our daily life more enjoyable”.

Superiority with Electronic Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

The IONIQ 5 is Hyundai's second C-SUV model offered for sale in our country after TUCSON. The technological car, which is offered for sale under the IONIQ brand, which produces only battery electric vehicles (BEV), uses Hyundai Motor Group's new platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). Built exclusively for BEV vehicles, this platform has unique shapeable proportions on an extended wheelbase. In this way, models can be produced in more than one segment thanks to the platform that stands out in terms of both the seating area and the placement of the batteries. The platform, which allows the development of models in various sizes, from sedans to the largest SUV models, also allows the floor to be produced flat. In this way, the shaft tunnel is removed and a very large interior volume is obtained, resembling the living room of the houses. Thanks to this platform, the vehicle's battery is optimally placed on the vehicle's mid-underfloor. Thus, both the interior width and the driving performance and road holding are increased to the same level. IONIQ 2, which has ultra-fast charging and in-vehicle power supply (V5L), also draws attention with its advanced connectivity and driving assistance features.

The stylish design of the IONIQ 100, which has received more than 5 awards in the last year, establishes a great connection between the past and the future. The car, which was prepared with an extremely modern design philosophy instead of traditional lines, zamIt is interpreted as a redefinition of insignificant design.

The stylish exterior design of the IONIQ 5 allows the car to display a premium as well as modern stance. First introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show as the Hyundai 45 concept, this special design uses a new hood system for aerodynamics. The mussel-shaped hood and the horizontally shaped front bumper, which minimize the panel gaps, also lay the groundwork for IONIQ 5's flawless lighting technology. The V-shaped front LED decorative lighting (DRL), which is immediately noticeable when viewed from the front, is also combined with headlights with small U-shaped pixels. Thus, an aesthetically marvelous visuality is obtained as well as superior lighting technology in the front. The parametric pixel design, which spreads from these headlights to all four corners of the car, is now starting to play out on the C-pillar. This design detail, which comes from the Pony Coupe Concept model of the car, is also used in the IONIQ 5, symbolizing the respect for the brand's past.

The side of the car has a simple form. The sharp line starting from the front door to the lower part of the rear door is another feature of the parametric pixel design philosophy. Thus, both a stylish and sporty image is captured and an advanced aerodynamics is obtained for high-level driving. This detail, which is a hard and sharp transition, is combined with hidden door handles and a clean surface. While the visuality comes to the fore, the same zamAt the same time, the coefficient of friction is also considerably lowered to meet the requirements of an electric car. Exclusive to IONIQ 5 and inspired by nature, “Black Pearlescent”, “Cyber ​​Gray Metallic”, “Moonstone Gray Metallic”, “Atlas White”, “Cosmic Gold Matte”, “Glacier Blue Pearlescent” and “Elegant Green Pearlescent” You can choose from 7 exterior colours. In the interior, there are two color options.

Closed rim design wheels developed for aerodynamics make Hyundai's Parametric Pixel design theme even more prominent. The largest rim Hyundai has ever used on a BEV, this special set comes in a full 20-inch diameter. Tire size is 255 45 R20. Developed for both visuality and handling, this aesthetic rim zamCurrently optimized specifically for E-GMP.

An interior away from the ordinary

The interior of IONIQ 5 also has the theme of “Functional Living Space”. Along with the seats, the center console can also move up to 140 mm. While providing a flat floor for the faucets in the moving interior, which is embodied in the name of Universal Island, the width of the space can be optionally adjusted according to the comfort of the users. In addition, most interior fittings such as seats, headlining, door trims, floors and armrests are produced using environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials such as recycled PET bottles, plant-based (bio PET) yarns, natural wool yarns and eco-leather.

The IONIQ 5 offers a loadspace of up to approximately 1.587 liters with the second row seats fully folded. With the seats in the fully upright position, it provides 527 liters of luggage space and offers a very ideal loading capacity in daily use. For more space, the second row seats can slide forward by up to 135mm and can also be folded in a 6:4 ratio. The front seats with a relaxation position are fully electric. Thus, both front seats come to a flat position, allowing the vehicle occupants to rest during charging.

Meanwhile, an additional luggage capacity of up to 24 liters is offered at the front of the vehicle. The dimensions of the advanced car are 4635 mm in length, 1890 mm in width and 1605 mm in height. The axle distance is 3000 mm. With this figure, it means that it is one of the cars with the most spacious interior of recent years.

An electric car for every user

The IONIQ 5 offers an electric car configuration to suit every customer's mobility needs without sacrificing performance. Hyundai offers the IONIQ 5 to Turkey with a 72,6 kWh battery pack option. The electric motor offers a performance value of 225 kWh (305 hp) and 605 Nm, offering the feeling and pleasure of a sports car more than an SUV. While the IONIQ 5 is powered by a 72.6 kWh battery, HTRAC also offers the option of all-wheel drive (AWD). With these technical features, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5,2 seconds. With this battery combination and all-wheel drive system, the IONIQ 5 can reach an average range of 430 km (WLTP). The transmission type in the vehicle is offered as a single gear reducer. In addition, a regenerative braking system is used to recover the power produced by the electric motor.

Innovative ultra fast charging

IONIQ 5's E-GMP platform supports both 400 V and 800 V charging infrastructures. The platform offers 400 V charging as well as 800 V charging as standard, without the need for additional components or adapters. The 5 V charging feature offered by the IONIQ 800 is only found in a few models in the automotive world. This feature takes the IONIQ 5 to a very special point both in terms of competition and usage.

With a 5 kW charger, the IONIQ 350 can charge from 18 percent to 10 percent in 80 minutes. That is, it only takes five minutes of charging to achieve a range of 100 km. This means a superior ease of use for the vehicle owner in heavy city traffic like Istanbul. IONIQ 5 owners can get whatever they want. zamAn can charge electric bikes, televisions, stereos or any electric camping equipment thanks to the V2L (Vehicle to load-Vehicle Power Supply) function or run them instantly by plugging them in. In addition, IONIQ 5 can charge another electric car thanks to the powerful batteries in its system.

Mobility-based technological systems

Hyundai uses an advanced virtual instrument cluster on the IONIQ 5. This HUD panel projects navigation, driving parameters, instant information onto the windshield. During this projection, all information is transmitted without distracting the driver by using a high-level display technology.

In other words, the IONIQ 5, which has semi-autonomous driving features, is equipped with an Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assist (ISLA) system that adjusts its speed to the legal limit. Thus, IONIQ 5 starts to make visual and auditory warnings to obey even if the driver does not obey the traffic rules. There's also High Beam Assist (HBA), which automatically switches the high beams on and off when driving at night to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.

Bose Premium sound system with 8 speakers is used for high-level comfort and convenience, 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia unit, 12,3-inch instrument panel, 64-color ambient lighting, shift lever integrated into the steering wheel (shift by wire), driving modes, wireless charging system, keyless hardware such as entry and start system are included.

IONIQ 5 also tries to provide maximum protection while driving with Hyundai's advanced SmartSense safety assistants. Possible accidents and dangers are minimized thanks to front collision avoidance, lane tracking and lane keeping, blind spot collision avoidance, smart cruise control with stop and go feature, rear cross traffic collision prevention, driver attention warning and smart speed assistant.

Hyundai offers the state-of-the-art fully electric IONIQ 5 model in Turkey only with Progressive trim level and a price tag of 1.970.000 TL.

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