New Peugeot 308 with its eye-catching design in Turkey

New Peugeot With Its Eye-Catching Design In Turkey
New Peugeot 308 with its eye-catching design in Turkey

The new Peugeot 308 model, which has been completely renovated and has an eye-catching design, has been offered for sale in the Turkish market with prices starting from 775.000 TL in order to offer a unique experience to users with its high-tech features.

The new Peugeot 308, which is the first model to bear the brand's new lion logo, makes the daily life of its users easier. The new Peugeot 308, with its 8 HP 130 PureTech petrol engine combined with the EAT1.2 automatic transmission, offers an extraordinary driving comfort by combining aerodynamic design, efficiency and performance in the best way. The new generation Peugeot 308 can be preferred in our country with 3 different hardware packages called Active Prime, Allure and GT. The new Peugeot 308 hits the road in our country with a price tag of 775.000 TL with the Active Prime package, 830.000 TL with the Allure package, and 915.000 TL with the GT hardware package.

Gülin Reyhanoğlu, General Manager of New Peugeot Turkey, stated that they are targeting not only the mainstream, but especially the upper class of the segment in the C-Hatchback segment with regard to the 308. and with its innovative technologies, it will be one of the most desirable options in the hatchback segment. We offer a unique offer to those who know what they want from life, aim for the next level in their life, and want to have a unique experience with a car. The new Peugeot Turkey General Manager Gülin Reyhanoğlu, with its many new technologies that make daily life easier, said, “The 308 is a candidate to be the iconic model of both today and tomorrow.”


A new era with eye-catching design and new logo

The new Peugeot 308 can offer more efficiency, safety, driving pleasure and comfort on the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) platform. Compared to the previous generation, it offers more space for the rear seat passengers with its overall length increased by 11 cm and the wheelbase extended by 5,5 cm. With its elegant design, the height reduced by 1,6 cm and the extended engine hood increase its visual appeal. The plain and smooth surfaces along the side façade combine with the sharply designed front and rear wheel extensions to create a strong and dynamic character. It carries the new Peugeot logo on its completely unique front grille. Peugeot reveals its personality and character with its new logo. It stands out as the first model to use this logo in the brand's product range. The brand, which carries the French knowledge and traditions, opens a completely new page with its experience from the past to the present and a global quality approach. The position of the logo is emphasized by the new front grille design that gradually moves towards the logo. As a design and technological evolution, the radar of driver assistance systems is hidden behind the badge and becomes the centerpiece of the grille. With the new design, the license plate is positioned in the lower part of the front bumper. With 4367 mm length, 1852 mm width, 1441 mm height and 2675 mm wheelbase, the luggage volume of the New Peugeot 308, which is 412 liters in the standard position, can be expanded up to 1323 liters thanks to the asymmetric folding rear seat.

The new Peugeot 308 exhibits a highly advanced aerodynamic performance with its friction coefficient values ​​of 0.28 Cx and 0.62m² SCx. All structural elements in the exterior design have been aerodynamically optimized (Bumpers, reflectors, diffuser, pillars, mirrors, underbody panels, etc.). Likewise, the rim design provides better aerodynamics and contributes to performance. The new Peugeot 308 is equipped with tires with class A and A+ friction efficiency and sizes between 16 and 18 inches. Thus, it meets the brand's superior handling and driving characteristics.

In order to increase the vibration comfort, the fact that the rigidity of the body has been increased by optimizing the structural elements comes to the fore. With its exemplary handling characteristics, best-in-class driving comfort, 10,5 meters of turning circle between pavements, superior maneuverability in the city and a high level of driving pleasure, zamIt promises more than the present.

The dashboard structure is based on a “highly ventilated” architecture. This architecture places the ventilation grilles in the most efficient position as well as the most comfortable for the driver/passenger. This layout allows the standard 10-inch central touchscreen multimedia display, positioned slightly lower than the digital front instrument panel, to be positioned closer to the driver and under the driver's hand, while allowing it to be more naturally adapted to the dashboard. On the GT trim level, it is equipped with fully customizable touchscreen i-Toggles that replace the physical climate panel. Positioned just below the central screen, i-Toggles promises a unique look and advanced technology in the segment. i-Toggles is used as a touch screen shortcut that can be assigned to functions such as air conditioning settings, phone book, radio station, application launch, according to the user's preference. i-Toggles is even more personalized, offering the possibility to search for a favorite contact or create a shortcut to create a route to a frequently visited location.

In the first stage, it is offered for sale with a 130 HP 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine and 3 different trim levels. In the coming period, 100% electric models are planned to be offered for sale in the Turkish market. Peugeot's award-winning petrol engine 1.2 PureTech in performance and fuel efficiency forms the power unit of the New 308. The turbo petrol unit, which produces 5500 HP at 130 rpm and 1750 Nm at 230 rpm, is combined with the EAT8 fully automatic transmission. The average fuel consumption of the New Peugeot 210, which completes 0 km/h maximum speed and 100-9.7 km/h acceleration in 308 seconds, varies between 5.8-5.9 lt/100 km depending on the equipment.


The new PEUGEOT 308, which hits the road with rich standard equipment features, offers 3 different equipment packages called Active Prime, Allure and GT.

Active Prime hardware level; Driver and Front Passenger Airbags (Passenger side can be turned off), Driver and Front Passenger Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags, Cruise Control / Cruise Control and Limitation, Lane Keeping System, Driver Attention Alert (level 3), Fully Automatic Air Conditioning, Front Double Covered Armrest & Cup Holder Between Seats, Behind Steering Wheel Gear Shift Pedals, Leather Covered Steering Wheel, 10″ Digital Front Instrument Panel, Keyless Start, Rear Parking Sensor, Automatic Wipers (Magic Wash), Electric and One-Touch 4 Windows, 10″ Equipment such as Multimedia Touch Screen, 1 USB Connection (C Type), Mirror Screen (Wireless), Side Mirrors with LED Signals and LED 'Lion's Paw' Rear Stops are offered as standard.

At the Allure hardware level, in addition to Active Prime; Smart Beam System (Active High Beam), Active Full Stop Safety Brake, Ambient lighting, TEXA Fabric Dashboard and Door Covers, 2nd Row Ventilation, Frameless Electrochrome Rear View Mirror, Keyless Entry and Start System, Front Parking Sensor, 180° Rear View Camera & 3 Picture Modes, Follow-Me Home, Welcome/Bye-Bye Lighting, 10″ Capacitive Touchscreen, 4 USB Connections (C Type), Gloss Chrome Front Grille, Gloss Black Rear Bumper Attachment and Chrome Exhaust Ports and Tinted Rear Glasses equipment such as

In GT trim level, in addition to Allure; Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function, Lane Positioning Assistant, Blind Spot Warning System (up to 75m detection), Extended Traffic Sign Recognition System, Reverse Traffic Alert System, Heated Leather Steering Wheel with GT Logo, i-Dome Lighting (Front) /Rear LED lights), Adamite Green Stitch Detail Aluminum Dashboard and Door Covers, Heated Front Seats, Sun Roof, Black Interior Roof Liner, 3D Front Dashboard, i-Toggles, 3D Navigation system, Wireless Charging System, Sport Driving Package , Special GT Design Gloss Chrome Front Grille, Side Body PEUGEOT logo, Underbody extenders (Sides), GT Design 3D LED Rear Stops and MATRIX Full LED Headlights are offered.

6 different body colors, 3 different interior options

The new Peugeot 308 offers 7 different body color options. Olivine Green, Techno Grey, Pearl Black, Pearl White, Elixir Red, Vertigo Blue are offered in all trim levels. Interior combinations vary according to equipment levels.

Active Prime is available with RENZE Fabric Upholstery, Zephyr Gray Stitched Seats. At the Allure trim level, FALGO Semi-Leather Fabric Upholstery is combined with Mint Green Stitched Seats. In GT, on the other hand, Alcantara Semi-Leather Fabric Upholstery and Adamite Green Stitched Seats provide a more sporty and high-level interior.

There are also differences in tires and rims according to equipment. AUCKLAND alloy wheels in size 205/55/R16 are offered on Active Prime. Allure equipment has 225/45/R17 tires and CALGARY alloy wheels. In GT equipment, it is combined with 225/40/R18 tires and KAMAKURA wheels.


Technological spirit, Peugeot i-Connect

The new infotainment system offers the most up-to-date solutions from the smartphone world and the automotive world to meet everyone's wishes and needs. Each driver (up to 8 profiles) can define and save the screen, climate and shortcut preferences to be ergonomic and suitable for daily use. The Mirror Screen function, which is now wireless, offers the ability to connect two phones at the same time via Bluetooth. The central 10-inch high-definition display offers multi-window use and an easily customizable experience. It offers a very practical use of searching different menus from left to right, browsing notifications from top to bottom, and looking at the application list by pressing with three fingers. Just like on a smartphone, it is easy to return to the home page by pressing the touch "Home" button.

The new Peugeot 308 benefits from all the brand's technological know-how and experience with the most up-to-date driving support systems. It offers semi-autonomous driving with Stop-Go Adaptive Cruise Control (with EAT8 automatic transmission) and Lane Positioning Assistant.

The new Peugeot 308 is equipped with new features that are more specific to the upper segments as standard or optionally:

  • Long-range Blind Spot Warning System (75 meters),
  • Reverse Maneuver Traffic Alert System (The driver is warned visually and audibly if there is a danger nearby at the time of reverse maneuver),
  • New high-resolution 180° angle backup camera,
  • 4° parking assist with 360 cameras (front, rear and side),
  • Keyless entry and start with proximity detector,
  • Heated leather steering wheel,
  • “E-call” emergency call,
  • Auto Lowering Side Mirrors (with Reverse).
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-Go feature that maintains a safe following distance,
  • Active Full Stop Safety Brake with collision warning system,
  • Lane Positioning Assistant with direction correction feature,
  • Driver Attention Warning (3rd level), which is activated during long driving times,
  • Extended Traffic Signs Recognition System (stop, one way, no overtaking, end of no overtaking, etc.),
  • Glass sunroof equipped with Roof Curtain,
  • Electric handbrake on all versions.
  • Toggles, customizable touch shortcuts
  • Customizable 10” multimedia screen and 10” 3D digital front instrument cluster

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