Goodyear Introduces Truck Concept Tire Made from Sustainable Materials

Goodyear Unveils Truck Concept Tire Made of Sustainable Materials
Goodyear Introduces Truck Concept Tire Made from Sustainable Materials

Goodyear introduced its truck concept tire made of 63 percent sustainable material at the IAA Transportation Fair. Goodyear's truck tire consists of 20 tire components and includes 15 special materials. In terms of fuel efficiency, the concept tire labeled "A" also provides fuel savings.

Carbon black, which is used to strengthen the composition of tires and extend the tread life of the tire, is obtained by burning various petroleum or coal tar products.

The content of the concept tire in question includes vegetable oil, tire pyrolysis oil that has reached the end of its life, 4 carbon blacks produced from carbon dioxide capture and conversion and low-carbon methane pyrolysis process.

Rapeseed oil is used instead of some of the petroleum-based oils in the concept tire. Because rapeseed oil helps the tire's rubber composition retain its elasticity in the face of changing temperatures, the use of bio-based rapeseed oil is highlighted by the company's goal of completely eliminating petroleum-derived oils from production processes by 2040.

Silicon, which is among the materials frequently used in tires to increase road grip and reduce fuel consumption, contains a special high-quality type produced from rice paddy ash, a by-product of rice production, which is often sent to garbage collection facilities.

The polyester used in its content is produced by recycling polyester from plastic bottles and other plastic waste, by recycling polyester into base chemicals and turning it into industrial polyester, which is suitable for tire production and increases its re-coating quality.

In the coming years, the concept tire will have the potential to increase efficiency by ensuring ideal tire pressure and tire condition, as well as reducing waste, with an application that can be connected to the network to monitor various tire health parameters. Thus, monitoring the condition of the tire will contribute to cyclicality and increase efficiency as an important factor in determining whether it should be renewed or not.

Thanks to the Goodyear total mobility solution, which is made of sustainable materials, provides low rolling resistance and can be completely recoated, tires that offer the opportunity to connect to the tire health monitoring application stand out with their potential to have a positive impact on cyclicality and climate.

Gregory Boucharlat, Vice President of Goodyear Commercial Solutions, shared the following information:

“The integrated products and mobility solutions we have developed under the Goodyear total mobility umbrella can further support our customers in the challenging transportation market and help them achieve their own sustainability goals. Goodyear works to develop products and solutions that help our business partners achieve their goals and expectations to be more competitive, more efficient and more sustainable.”

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