E-Transit Custom to be Produced at Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plants Introduced

E Transit Custom to be Produced at Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plants Introduced
E-Transit Custom to be Produced at Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plants Introduced

Ford Pro, Ford's new business unit that aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of its commercial customers, introduced Ford's second highly anticipated electric commercial vehicle, the Ford E-Transit Custom. The all-electric version of Europe's best selling commercial vehicle, the new E-Transit Custom, has been designed from the ground up to offer customers in the 1-tonne vehicle segment innovative and new solutions that will increase efficiency. E-Transit Custom, Ford's second fully electric commercial model for Europe, which will be produced at Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plants, is of strategic importance in Ford's electric transformation.

Emerging from the power of Ford's global research, engineering and software capabilities, E-Transit Custom will combine advanced electric vehicle technology with Ford Pro's digital software and services ecosystem to help businesses lower their cost of ownership, operate more efficiently and facilitate their transition to electric vehicles.

“The Ford Pro and E-Transit Custom are redefining what a commercial vehicle can do and taking commercial life into a new digital age,” said Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company. “Our close relationship with our customers and listening to their needs for over 50 years has contributed greatly to making Transit Custom the most popular commercial vehicle in Europe. The new E-Transit Custom has been redesigned and developed to meet all their needs in the new digital age as well.”

  • At the global press conference held in London by Ford Europe, the brand new features and technologies of the new E-Transit Custom, the highly anticipated second fully electric commercial model to be produced by Ford Otosan at Kocaeli Plants, were shared.
  • E-Transit Custom; Thanks to its next-generation electric powertrain, it offers a range of 380 kilometers, 125 kW fast charging, a class-leading 2.000 kg towing capacity and a load carrying capacity of up to 1.100 kilograms.
  • In addition to its new technologies that increase vehicle and cargo safety, E-Transit Custom includes revolutionary solutions that can transform the cabin into a mobile office work environment.
  • Production of E-Transit Custom, one of the most important steps of Ford Otosan's 2 billion Euro investment announced last year, will start in the fall of 2023.
  • E-Transit Custom will be our first electric model to offer full connectivity in Turkey.

With the new generation battery technology of E-Transit Custom, a range of up to 380 km can be targeted and 125 kW fast charging is possible with the vehicle's DC fast charging. E-Transit Custom will be supported by a range of end-to-end solutions, including Ford Pro's charge management and optimization, to deliver superior performance for a variety of customer needs. What E-Transit Custom offers to its users is not limited to innovative technologies. E-Transit Custom's 1.100 load capacities up to 3 kilograms, 100 mm lower load floor and 2.000 maximum towing capacities of 4 kilograms are among the new possibilities offered to customers. Independent rear suspension and class-leading engine power take the driving experience of E-Transit Custom to new heights.

E Transit Custom

All-electric power and uncompromised competence

E-Transit Custom's capable new EV powertrain is designed to serve commercial vehicle customers focused on flexible solutions in business. E-Transit Custom also draws attention with its features that will convince users who have not given up on diesel engines before, that all-electric power is a solution that will carry businesses into the future.

Depending on their needs, customers can choose between 415 kW or 100 kW (160 PS or 135 PS), each producing class-leading 217 Nm of torque. Mounting the engine directly to the floor behind the vehicle eliminates the need for a special subframe, while turning it 90 degrees creates maximum load space and reduces weight. The fact that the powerful electric drivetrain has the best-in-class towing capacity of up to 2.000 kilograms puts the E-Transit Custom ahead of both other electric vehicles and diesel vehicles with the advantages it offers in its segment.

E-Transit Custom is the first battery electric vehicle to use steam injection heat pump technology to heat and cool the cabin. This new system, which is standard on all vehicles, is designed to provide improved energy efficiency for optimum driving range.

E Transit Custom

Easy energy management with Ford Pro Charger

E-Transit Custom, with Ford Pro Charge, cares about energy management, zamIt creates a significant benefit in this area as well for fleet managers and smaller operations that do not have access to warehouses to charge their vehicles at night. Enough zamDrivers who have no memory and need to charge their vehicles at home, easy charging unit installation and maintenance, integration with Ford vehicles, charging scheduling and payment from Ford Pro's expert consultancy. E-Transit Custom's 11 kW AC three-phase integrated charger can fully charge the battery in 7,2 hours. Therefore, it allows the vehicle to be charged overnight after the shift. On busy days, customers can use the FordPass Pro mobile application to monitor instantaneous charging status while on the go.

Designed to provide a unique customer experience

Small businesses often use the cabins of their commercial vehicles as offices or for meals during breaks. Thanks to the deep customer interaction created by the human-oriented design laboratory D-Ford, the E-Transit Custom serves both purposes. zamIt serves better than now. An innovative tilting steering wheel stands out in the optional Mobile Office package. It transforms into an ergonomic stand for tablets and laptops, or a flat table for comfortable typing and use during lunch breaks. The package also includes brighter LED cabinet lighting and secure storage for documents and devices.

for delivery zamdrivers racing against the main can stop by 200 addresses and deliver 500 packages a day. The Delivery Assistant helps automate the small, repetitive actions required by the program to increase security meanwhile. With this feature enabled, Delivery Assistant is activated when the driver parks the vehicle. The driver leaves the vehicle zamAn E-Transit Custom will automatically turn on the hazard warning flashers, close any open windows and lock the door. The side cargo door will lock automatically as the driver moves away from the vehicle to deliver packages. When the driver turns, he can start the vehicle without a key. The hazard warning flashers will turn off and the windows will return to their previous positions.

Designed to simplify complex key management, the Digital Key functions just like hotel room cards. Operators to duplicate, manage and change keys zamInstead of wasting time and money, it can assign keys to people and vehicles remotely and track them.

E-Transit Custom also stands out with its security features. Among the driver support technologies offered by E-Transit Custom; There are Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping System, Fatigue Warning, Speed ​​Control with Adjustable Speed ​​Limiter, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant, Misdirection Warning, front and rear parking sensors and rear view camera.

E Transit Custom

High-tech interior design for any business

Compared to the previous model, the E-Transit Custom offers a larger cabin and more secure storage space. Features such as the gear lever on the steering column, the electronic handbrake and the rounded square steering wheel contribute to accessibility in the cabin. It is easier for drivers who park in tight spaces and do not want to step into the flowing traffic, enter and exit through other doors. Ford is also introducing a roof-mounted airbag, for the first time in its segment, to increase the volume and flexibility of the glove box for additional equipment panels and appliances.

All E-Transit Custom models feature a 13-inch horizontal touchscreen positioned at an angle to the driver for ease of use. Super-fast connectivity is also offered with Ford's advanced SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system. All Transit Custom versions will be produced in Kocaeli factories within the scope of Ford Otosan's investment announced last year to realize electric and connected new generation commercial vehicle projects. Kocaeli Plants, which is one of Ford's most efficient factories, strengthens its position as Ford Otosan's center of excellence in commercial vehicle production and the center of Transit production in Europe with its production line and battery assembly facility with the most advanced production technologies.

Ford Otosan, which recently announced its targets to become carbon neutral in 2030 at its production facilities and R&D center in Turkey, aims to sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2030 in passenger vehicles, by 2035 in light and medium commercial vehicles, and by 2040 in heavy commercial vehicles. In parallel with this goal, Ford Otosan, the sole European manufacturer of E-Transit and E-Transit Custom, continues to play a critical role in Ford's electrification strategy. Ford Otosan, which produces 88% of the Transit family vehicles that Ford sells in Europe in Kocaeli, has launched Ford's first fully electric commercial model E-Transit, which it has taken off the line for mass production with a ceremony in the past months, with 100% renewable electrical energy at its Kocaeli Plants. produces using

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