Extreme Cup Starts in Çorlu

Extreme Cup Begins Corluda
Extreme Cup Starts in Çorlu

The first race of the Extreme Cup, organized in memory of Edip Yaşar Kurtoğlu, President of Thrace Offroad Club and TOSFED Thrace Provincial Representative, whom we lost last year, will be held on the TRAKOFF track in Çorlu Şahpaz between 17-18 September 2022.

In the organization organized by Trakya Offroad Club with the contribution of Çorlu Municipality, the teams will start at 12.30 on both days and try to overcome the obstacles on the challenging track. 14 vehicles and 28 athletes in two different categories will compete in the first meeting in the new branch of the offroad branch 'extreme', which is based on the principle of overcoming obstacles, doors and difficulties this season in our country.

Eren Üçlertoprağı, President of TOSFED, Turkish Automobile Sports Federation; “We continue to commemorate our values ​​that contributed to automobile sports. As we promised last year, we will hold our new series, the Extreme Cup, in memory of Edip Yaşar Kurtoğlu, who passed away last year and is a popular name as club president, provincial representative and athlete. We commemorate our esteemed president once again with respect and mercy.” made the statement.

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