Dokuz Eylül Rally Illuminated the Night

Nine September Rally Brightens the Night
Dokuz Eylül Rally Illuminated the Night

Organized by Aydın Automobile Sports Club (AYOSK), the fourth race of the 2022 Aegean Cup, the Dokuz Eylül Rally, was held with the participation of 5 teams in 17 different categories. The rally, which consists of passing the 5,60 km long Yahselli special stage between Yahselli and Emiralem Dam four times, started at 18.45:24.00 and ended at XNUMX.

Competing with a very high performance with the Subaru Impreza GC8, Orhan Gül and Alp Atak duo finished the night in the first place in Category 4. Competing with the Subaru Impreza WRX, Özgür Yuruk-Serkan Şahiner came second in this category. One of the favorite names of the race, Levent Şapçılar and Özden Yılmaz duo rolled out of the race with their Ford Fiesta Rally3 cars in the second stage. After this accident, the second special stage was cancelled.

In Category 3, Gürol Baranlı-Alperen Tetik, who started with their new car Fiat Egea, came first, while Osman Ceylan-Batuhan Doğan from another Fiat Egea came in second, while Sinan Yardimici-Ipek Tuğşe Özdemir, who competed with the Peugeot 106 GTI, came in third.

In the rally, in which five teams from Ankara took part, athletes from Izmir took the podium in Category 2. Mithat Diker-Erdal Oral, who came first in his class in the 2800-kilometer TransAnatolia rally, one of the most challenging races in the world, held in the past days, also took the podium at the XNUMXth September Rally, the only night rally of this season. Among the two teams competing with Fiat Palio, Hakan Akman-Alp Arıca came in second and Erdal Oral-Funda Oral came in third.

Competing with Ford Fiesta R1 in Category 1, the favorite team of the day, Kemal Çetinkaya-Tolga Tezeken, came first. Aydın Deputy Force Erim copilot Ozan Cihan Doğan, who has been an active athlete in automobile sports for more than 30 years, came second in this category. Competing with Fiat Palio, Mustafa Nazik-Süleyman Yanar finished the only night rally of the year in third place. Yasemin Erikli took the first place in the women category, Nurdan Bigeç took the third place, İpek Tuğşe Özdemir took the second place and Funda Oral took the first place in the female copilots ranking.

Koçarlı Climbing, the final race of the 2022 Aegean Cup, which has four legs left behind with the Dokuz Eylül Rally, will be held on the 7-kilometer track in the Adnan Menderes City Forest in the Koçarlı district of Aydın province on 8-5 October.

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