Citroen's New Logo Used for the First Time on a Concept Vehicle

Citroen's New Logo Used for the First Time on a Concept Vehicle
Citroen's New Logo Used for the First Time on a Concept Vehicle

With the new corporate brand identity and logo, an exciting new era begins in Citroen's history. The new logo reinterprets the original 1919 oval logo. While the new logo makes its debut on a new concept vehicle, it will be phased into future models and concept cars from mid-2023. The new brand signature demonstrates the acceleration of the bold, inclusive and emotional era in Citroen transportation solutions and customer relations. The brand also; It starts using a new slogan with the promise of “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen”. The new Citroën identity was developed by the Citroën design team, drawing on the expertise of Stellantis' own design agency, Stellantis Design Studio.

Accelerating its mission of making electric transportation accessible to everyone and continuing to develop its brand DNA in the direction of accessible, assertive and customer convenience, Citroen introduced its new corporate brand identity and logo, which marks the beginning of a bold, exciting and dynamic new era for the 103-year-old brand. The new look reinterprets the original logo, originally adopted by founder André Citroen, inspired by the success of the first metalworking company to manufacture gear systems. The new elegant logo marks the past and change of the brand. The logo will make its debut on a brand new Citroen concept car. Versions of this logo will be progressively used on future series-production Citroen models and concept vehicles from mid-2023. The new logo takes a new approach to the vertical oval design language. The new logo will be an instantly recognizable signature element of all Citroen models. A new brand signature will complement the new logo, with a new corporate brand identity program and the promise of “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen”.

Citroen CEO Vincent Cobée introduces the new logo and new brand identity: “We are entering possibly the most exciting chapter of our 103-year history. For Citroen, it's time to embrace a new look, modern and contemporary. zammoment. Our new identity is a graceful symbol of progress in bold and innovative tools that challenge traditional industry conventions that we deliver to our customers. Whatever the requirements, we ensure that the entire driving experience, especially electric, is accessible, comfortable and enjoyable. Our legacy of inspiring consumers with bold and revolutionary vehicles energizes us to take a unique and more inclusive approach to future family transportation. We firmly believe that our past, present and future customers agree that nothing will impress them like Citroen.”

Citroen Global Brand Designer Alexandre Revert evaluated; “As we seek to clarify our future focus, we graphically return to André Citroen's first logo, which represents the promise of accessible and innovative transport for all. “It is a delicate, yet important evolution to gradually move to a more prominent and visible brand signature for our future designs.”

new but familiar

At the heart of the new brand identity is the evolution of Citroen's world-famous "Double Angle Chevron" symbol. The Citroen logo has been renewed for the tenth time since the company was founded in 1919. The "Double Angle Chevron" with wider and more defined corners is surrounded by a softer vertical oval frame. The new logo will also launch a new approach to the design language of Citroen models. With a more striking appearance, the vertical oval logo will be a signature element that makes Citroën models instantly recognizable.

A fresh and comprehensive corporate identity program supports the new vertical oval logo. This program showcases how Citroen is accelerating its commitment to make electric mobility accessible to all, as it continues to evolve its brand DNA towards accessibility, assertiveness and customer convenience. One of the key goals was to embody non-automotive, more intimate brand-inspired elements, including cosmetics and apparel, and create a warmer and more friendly expression that was pleasing to the eye. For example, the new identity, with a pure and simple user interface, has been carefully crafted to provide customers with an enhanced sense of serenity in all their digital journeys at Citroen, from the website to the showroom. Care has been taken in design, including a "dark mode" option, to ensure the digital experience fully meets new customers' ergonomic and aesthetic expectations. In addition, a new animation language is being developed to integrate the new identity into all digital touchpoints, offering customers an enriched Citroen experience, both through in-car screens and via the My Citroen App. New letters and a simple color palette developed from Citroen's existing proprietary fonts will complement the logo and further strengthen the new brand identity. Two characteristic colors will be used to create contrast in details and certain areas, while white and cool gray provide calmness and comfort. The calming Monte Carlo Blue, inspired by the historical color used in the iconic cars of the brand throughout its history, will soon enter the automobile product range. This color is the same zamIt will also be used in brand identity in corporate and retail applications. Additionally, the currently used red will be replaced by a more energetic and distinctive infrared to provide balance and dynamic contrast in physical, print and digital applications.

Evaluating the issue, Citroen Head of Marketing and Communications Laurent Barria said; “We reinterpret our identity in a modern way, while staying true to everyone and our brand DNA, without forgetting our origins and giving a clear message that things are changing dramatically at Citroen,” he said. “We continue to seek different solutions in our mission to create ambitious solutions that make electric mobility more accessible. We are determined to prove to our customers and ourselves that no one and nothing impresses us as much as Citroen, while bringing the comfort of the inside of the car out of the car throughout their entire journey with us. From the innovative tools we develop to the inclusive and responsible services we provide, we must think revolutionary, take a unique approach and stand behind it. That is exactly what we promised to do today,” he concluded.

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