Temsa 'Electrified' the Golden Boll with its New Generation Vehicles

Temsa 'Electrified the Golden Boll' with its New Generation Vehicles
Temsa 'Electrified' the Golden Boll with its New Generation Vehicles

TEMSA, which is the transportation sponsor of the 29th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, continues to raise awareness about sustainability while contributing to the brand value of the festival with its electric vehicles.

The Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, which is traditionally organized every year by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, started with all the excitement. The transportation sponsor of the festival, which was held for the 29th time this year and will continue until September 18, 2022, was undertaken by TEMSA. The MD9 ElectriCITY and TS 45E model vehicles allocated to the organization team by TEMSA, which pioneered the rapidly spreading electric vehicles in Turkey and abroad with its sustainability-oriented works, are used for the transportation of artists and journalists.

The MD9 ElectriCITY, the smallest vehicle in TEMSA's electric product range, has the title of being the first electric model exported abroad in TEMSA's history. While these vehicles are actively used in Sweden and Lithuania today, another vehicle allocated to the organizing committee, the TS 45E, was developed specifically for the North American market. The vehicle, which successfully completed the tests that lasted for two years in Silicon Valley, was launched in the USA in the past months.


Making evaluations on the subject, TEMSA Deputy General Manager for R&D and Technology Caner Sevginer stated that they are very happy to be among the supporters of Adana Golden Boll Film Festival as TEMSA, and said, “This cooperation is actually a result of the common love we have for our country and Adana. also an indicator. As a company that exports its vehicles manufactured in Adana and Turkish technology to nearly 70 countries in the world; With our new generation vehicles, we wanted to add value to this valuable organization, which is internationally recognized and, in a sense, has become Adana's cultural ambassador in the global arena. We hope that our electric vehicles, which serve a sustainable future, will shed some light on the purpose of this organization and the development of our Adana.”

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