SKYWELL ET5 Becomes the First Winner of the Electric Car of the Year Award in Turkey

SKYWELL ET Becomes the First Winner of the Electric Car of the Year Award in Turkey
SKYWELL ET5 Becomes the First Winner of the Electric Car of the Year Award in Turkey

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the electric car manufacturer SKYWELL, of which Ulu Motor is the Turkey distributor, was selected as the Electric Car of the Year in 5 with its ET2022 model. It was held in Istanbul between 2019-10 September 11. In the event held this year, the Electric Car of the Year in Turkey was announced to the public for the first time with the votes of the public.

At the award ceremony held for the first time in our country this year, SKYWELL ET5, which was chosen first by the votes of the people, crowned the great interest with an award. Speaking about the award, SKYWELL CEO Mahmut Ulubaş said, “As SKYWELL, we are happy with the intense interest and satisfaction we have received in Turkey. We became the first brand to win the Electric Car of the Year award in 2022 Turkey. SKYWELL ET5; With its powerful design, performance battery technology, range of up to 520 km, semi-autonomous driving and smart features, it managed to become an important player in the European and Turkish electric car market in a short time. This award was an extra motivation for us in reaching our goals. We thank all the participants who voted for SKYWELL ET5.” Ulu Motor achieved an important success by receiving an order of over 4.500 units before it was even in its first year. The target of the brand, which has started to deliver the orders received, is to meet the entire demand until the end of the year.

ET10, which is produced as a result of SKYWELL's experience in the field of new generation energy vehicles, especially in the last 5 years; With its powerful appearance, smart connection systems, range of up to 520 km according to NEDC data, automatic driving support systems and superior performance, it presents the concept of a new generation automobile in full. Riveting its modern and powerful design with innovative laser headlights and brake lights with “SKYWELL” writing that completely covers the trunk lid, the ET5 is the same. zamIt also offers a large interior volume with its dimensions. ET5; With its 4698 mm length, 1908 mm width, 1696 mm height and 2.800 mm wheelbase, it stands out in its class and offers a spacious living space. The luggage volume of 467 liters can be increased to 1141 liters when the seats are folded down. With its 5 kW power, SKYWELL ET150 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

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