2022 Baja Troia Turkey Counting The Days

Baja Troia Turkey Counting The Days
2022 Baja Troia Turkey Counting The Days

The preparations for the International Baja Troia Turkey, organized by the Istanbul Offroad Club (İSOFF) and granted the European Cross-Country Baja Cup candidate race status this year by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), continue. Organized as a part of the Eastern European Offroad Series, the race will be held this year between 22-25 September with magnificent stages prepared within the visual and historical richness of Çanakkale.

With the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), the stage activities are progressing rapidly, shortly before the event.

The 917-day challenging race with a total length of 4 kilometers will start on Thursday, September 22 at 20.00:23 with a ceremonial start in front of the Çanakkale Trojan Horse. Within the scope of the organization, 25 special stages will be run between September 8-6, located around the villages of Bayramiç, Terziler, Kuşçayırı, Karapınar and Salihler. Among these stages, there will be a special stage for the audience, prepared in the center of Çanakkale. In this stage, which is approximately 8 km long, two vehicles that start from the same line and at the same time will complete the "XNUMX" shaped twin track, which is joined by a bridge crossing, and reach the finish point.

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