Turkey Off-Road Championship 4th Leg Races Breathtaking

Turkish Off Road Championship Foot Races Breathtaking
Turkey Off-Road Championship 4th Leg Races Breathtaking

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize cultural, artistic and sports activities for a more livable Trabzon. In this context, the Turkish Off-Road Championship was held, hosted by the Metropolitan and Akçaabat Municipalities. The excitement peaked in the races, which attracted great interest.

Trabzon Automobile and Motor Sports Club PETLAS 2022 Turkey Off-Road Championship 4th leg races were held, hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality and Akçaabat Municipality, in Trabzon, where cultural and artistic activities and sports activities became more frequent. Off-Road Championship, which attracted great interest from the citizens of Trabzon as well as adventure and speed enthusiasts, was held on the challenging track prepared in the Yaylacık District of Akçaabat district. 32 athletes with 64 vehicles from various cities of Italy, Iran and Turkey participated in the breathtaking races. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, AK Party Trabzon Deputy Adnan Günnar and Akcaabat Mayor Osman Nuri started the championship in October.


Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu stated that they have carried out national and international events in many areas in Trabzon and said, “From the first day we took office, we have been working with the understanding that 'boring cities cannot develop'. We take care to bring our fellow citizens together with national and international social, cultural and sports events. We enjoyed the Off-Road Championship we organized last year. We were pleased with the interest received by the Turkish Off-Road Championship, which we hosted in Akçaabat today. We announce our name not only to Turkey but to the world with the events we organize. Right after the International Horon Festival we organized last week, we hosted TEKNOFEST, the most important technology festival in the world. Today, we shared the excitement of the Off-Road Championship. The satisfaction of our fellow countrymen from all these activities also makes us happy. We are getting very positive feedback. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to carry out activities that will take our people away from the stress of daily life.”


Akçaabat Mayor Osman Nuri Ekim said, “Trabzon Automobile and Motor Sports Club, we are together in the 2022th leg races of PETLAS 4 Turkey Off-Road Championship. The first leg of these races was held in our Hıdırnebi Plateau yesterday. Athletes who raced there and brought their vehicles in walking condition were entitled to continue the race here. I congratulate each and every one of our athletes who competed in the plateau yesterday and who competed here today. As a municipality, we will continue to organize national and international organizations or contribute to the organizations organized for the promotion of our district and the development of tourism.

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