Tesla Fast Charging Station Cost Much Less Than Forecast

Tesla Fast Charging Station Cost Much Lower Than Forecast
Tesla Fast Charging Station Cost Much Less Than Forecast

It turned out that Tesla fast charging stations #Supercharger installations have a great cost advantage. Tesla charging stations cost just one-fifth of what the average competing charging networks pay to set up new stations. This is because the proceeds from the #Dieselgate scandal will be used to finance EV charging stations. The program created to fund projects to help air quality in Texas; The Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP) makes this process very beneficial for Tesla.

Tesla charging units applied for a grant through this program in order to serve not only Tesla vehicles, but also other electric models. As you know, Tesla moved its headquarters and 5th Gigafactory to Texas. EVgo, Chargepoint and major gas station operators have also applied for this grant program, such as Tesla. Companies cannot apply for more than 150.000% of the cost of chargers up to $70 per charger. According to Forbes magazine, Tesla writes that unlike most applicants, it only charges about $30.000 per charger.

Powerful fast charging stations like Tesla Superchargers, which can charge up to 250 kW, are extremely expensive units due to the powerful electronics inside. It is possible to see retail prices of over $100.000 for some chargers, and depending on several factors, we may see the cost double with installation. The fact that Tesla has managed to keep the cost per charger under $50.000 makes it even more impressive.

Back in 2016, Tesla was talking about its Supercharger network being worth $285.300 per station, or $49.000 per charger. However, this means that each charger has less than half the power capacity of current Superchargers. zamwould understand. Although the capacity of charging stations has more than doubled today, we see that the cost has decreased over the years. Tesla is not just for charging stations, but for the same zamIt also has strong expertise in power electronics for electric vehicles and commercial power inverters. Tesla manufactures Supercharger at New York GF and close zamAt the same time, it opened a new Supercharger factory in Shanghai GF, China, and aims to produce 10.000 Superchargers per year in this factory.

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