Offroad Excitement Moves to Akcaabat

Offroad Excitement Moves to Akcaabata
Offroad Excitement Moves to Akcaabat

Trabzon Automobile and Motor Sports Club is organizing the 2022th leg race of PETLAS 4 Turkey Offroad Championship in Trabzon Akçaabat between 06-07 August under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX. Ghasem Mohammadzadeh-Tolga Şatır team from Iran will also compete in the organization where 5 vehicles and 36 athletes will participate in 72 different classes from different cities.

On the first day of the race, which will start at 06:10.00 on Saturday, 10.5 August, the 4-kilometer-long resistance stage in the completely natural Black Sea highland forests located in the Hıdırnebi Mevkii Acısu Balıklı Plateau will be passed XNUMX times.

Starting from 07:10.00 on Sunday, August 3, the teams will take the wheel again and pass the special stage of the audience in the Akçaabat Beach Embankment area 17.30 times and complete the challenging race. The organization, which will end with the award ceremony to be held on the same day at XNUMX, will have an enjoyable weekend in which speed, adrenaline, strength and pilotage come to the fore.

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