KYMCO ATV MXU 700 EX in Turkey

KYMCO ATV MXU 700 EX in Turkey

KYMCO, one of the largest representatives of the motorcycle and ATV class in the world, introduced the brand new ATV model MXU 700 EX to the Turkish market. The giant brand, which produces more than 1 million scooters, motorcycles and ATVs annually on a global scale, offers adventure lovers the MXU 700 EX model, specially designed for those who want to experience the pleasure of adventure at the highest level without sacrificing comfort and safety in the field, with a sales price of 284.900 TL.

KYMCO, one of the biggest names in the scooter class of the motorcycle world and represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, continues to impress not only with its motorcycles and scooters, but also with its 4-wheel models. KYMCO brought the brand new ATV model MXU 700 EX to the roads of Turkey. With its EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system, the KYMCO ATV MXU 44 EX has many different features such as electronic support that makes the handlebars turn more easily, 4 HP power, 2×4 and 4×700 traction options, digital LED display panel, automatic winch. It was offered for sale at 284.900 TL.

High performance with the MXU 700 EX, both in the field and on the road

Combining strong design and practicality, the new MXU 700 EX continues to preserve the DNA of the KYMCO MXU family. Not only does the new MXU 700 EX meet the daily requirements, zamIt also supports holiday and hobby uses. High-performance headlights provide powerful illumination at night. LED tail lights provide better recognition. LED turn signals support visibility and increase safety when turning. Daytime running lights meet T3b regulations. This model, which can produce 44 HP power, brings the terrain conditions to its knees with its high torque of 54 Nm. This powerful model, which has a dry weight of 372 kilograms, reveals that it has a structure that can handle even the longest rides in the field with its large 19-liter tank.

It has two different traction systems

KYMCO, which has managed to make a difference from the past to the present with its 4-wheel motorcycles, offers two different traction systems in its new model MXU 700 EX, which it has launched on the roads of Turkey. In addition to the 4×2 version that transmits power to the rear wheels, the MXU 700 EX is equipped with a 4×4 traction system that can overcome even the most challenging terrain conditions. Model 4 zamWith its instant, single-cylinder 695 cc engine block, it can reach a maximum speed of 57 km/h.

EPS (Electronic Power Steering) support, high equipment level and carrying capacity

In addition to all these features, KYMCO MXU 700 EX offers comfort and convenience at the highest level with its digital LED instrument panel, LED signals, USB socket offered as standard, rear backrest and automatic winch. Offering the highest level of handling in off-road conditions, the MXU 700 EX easily overcomes obstacles thanks to its locked differential feature. The model, which has a carrying capacity of 52 kilograms at the front and 95 kilograms at the rear, enables the transportation of all equipment that may be needed during your rides without any problems. In addition to these, there is electronic support that enables the steering wheel to turn more easily with the EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system.

Advantageous campaigns on all KYMCO models

In August, KYMCO continues to delight its users not only with its new model, the MXU 700 EX, but also with all its models. Offering advantageous campaign opportunities, the brand meets with motorcycle lovers in August with 60.000 installments up to 12 TL on credit cards, as well as 60.000 months 12% interest rate for 1 months or 24% interest for 1.45 months up to XNUMX TL.

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