Kia Sorento Model Review

Kia Sorento Model Review
Kia Sorento Model Review

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) models, which provide high performance in difficult terrain conditions while providing confidence and comfort in city life, have become one of the most frequently preferred vehicles in recent years. These models also have some technical features that differ according to the place of use and performance. SUV models can be front wheel drive (Front Wheel Drive) or rear wheel drive (Rear Wheel Drive). Some SUV models have 4-wheel drive. These models, called 4×4, distribute the power taken from the engine to all 4 wheels. The difference of 4-wheel drive vehicles is that they provide superior driving safety in difficult terrain conditions and off-road roads. All-wheel drive, or in other words, all-wheel drive, the New Kia Sorento offers high performance and impressive driving dynamics of the hybrid engine. We have brought together the highlights of Kia Sorento for you.

Style, Practicality, Safety and Comfort: The New Sorento

Kia Sorento Model Review

The Sorento, which has sold around 2002 million units since its debut in 1,5, remains one of Kia's most important and best-selling vehicles.

The design of the new Sorento builds on the strength and aesthetics of previous Sorento generations. The sharp lines, corners and dynamic body structure in the new design allow the vehicle to display a more sporty stance. A longer wheelbase, more space for passengers and their belongings, and upgraded technology make the 2022 model Sorento stand out among other SUVs.

The 2022 model New Sorento also draws attention as it is the first model produced with Kia's new SUV platform. The New Kia Sorento, which hit the roads in Europe with hybrid and diesel engine options, is on the road in Turkey as of 2022 with only its hybrid version.

Award-Winning Design

Kia Sorento Model Review

Sorento, with its fourth generation introduced in March 2020, was awarded in the "Design" category by Auto Bild Allrad, Europe's best selling automobile magazine.

The new Sorento is produced at 10 mm, 1.900 mm wider than the third generation Sorento. In addition, the vehicle is 4.810 mm long and 15 mm higher than the previous generation. This height also promises a smooth ride in rough terrain conditions.

Kia Sorento redefines the successful design of previous-generation SUVs, combining new styling elements with high-tech details.

The tiger-nosed grille, which organically wraps the integrated headlights on both sides in Kia Sorento's exterior design, gives the new model a confident and mature stance. At the bottom, there are LED daytime running lights for a better driving experience.

While the interior of the Sorento includes glossy surfaces, metal textured and wood-like coatings, there are also leather embossed patterns on the optional leather-equipped models. In addition, thanks to the large interior volume of Sorento, a 5+2 seating arrangement is offered. This seems to be the reason for preference for large families.

In addition to the BOSE premium sound feature found in previous generations, the vehicle also has an electric panoramic glass roof. Finally, thanks to its numerous USB ports, it allows anyone to charge their phone.

The New Hybrid SUV Sorento Difference

Kia Sorento Model Review

The 2022 model Kia Sorento is offered with the 1.6L T-GDi HEV engine option. Sorento, which is a HEV hybrid vehicle, has a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.589 cc. In addition, the vehicle also benefits from its very powerful electric motor. Especially at take off and at low speeds, the vehicle is powered by the electric motor.

With the power unit coded as 1.6L T-GDi HEV, Kia Sorento can produce 230 PS power and 350 Nm torque. It also accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8,6 seconds. Its maximum speed is 193 km/h.

Transmission and Handling Features of the Renewed Sorento

Sorento, one of the largest members of the Kia SUV family, integrates with the road as long as the appropriate tire selection is made. Powered by four-wheel drive technology, the vehicle almost grips the asphalt and prevents problems such as skidding.

Kia Sorento's power unit, coded as 1.6L T-GDi HEV, works with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The gearbox ratios are as follows:

Kia Sorento Model Review

Fuel Consumption of the New Sorento SUV

Kia, which paves the way for a comfortable driving experience for users in many countries of the world with its hybrid technology, zamAt the same time, it manages to offer low fuel consumption values. Kia Sorento has a very ambitious fuel consumption value of 6,1 liters thanks to its hybrid engine. The fuel consumption value of the vehicle and the prominent details are listed as follows:

Kia Sorento Model Review

New Sorento's Equipment

The 2022 model Kia Sorento has versions for different markets. In Turkey, Kia prefers to offer a single but rather rich equipment package. Almost all technologies are available in the hardware package. Some of the equipment of the 2022 model Sorento are listed as follows:

● 19” aluminum alloy wheels
● Projection type LED headlights
● LED daytime running lights
● Lighting up to the house
● LED taillights
● LED front fog lights
● LED rear fog lights
● Electrically controlled, heated and foldable side mirrors
● Signal lamps on the side mirrors
● Electric panoramic glass roof
● Front and rear parking sensors
● Keyless entry and start
● Heated steering wheel
● Leather steering wheel and gear knob
● Steering wheel multimedia system
● Steering wheel shift paddles
● Nappa leather upholstered seats
● Electric, adjustable and memory driver's seat
● Electrically adjustable driver and front passenger lumbar support
● 3-stage heated front seats
● Heated rear seats
● Front armrest with storage compartment
● Automatic air conditioning
● Air conditioning for the 2nd and 3rd row seats
● 12,3” Supervision indicator information display
● 10,25” touch screen multimedia entertainment system
● Navigation system
● Perimeter vision system
● Rear collision avoidance assist
● BOSE brand sound system
● Voice control system
● USB ports
● Illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirror
● Self-dimming interior rear view mirror

The equipment we have listed so far has generally been about exterior design and comfort. Of course, Kia Sorento also has very successful safety equipment, as can be expected from it. Kia Sorento's safety equipment is listed as follows:

● Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go
● Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA-JX) (Intersection Turn Assist)
● Rear Traffic Alert System
● Blind Spot Collision Avoidance System
● Blind Spot Imaging Assistant
● Lane Keeping Assistant
● Lane Keeping Assistant
● Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assistant (ISLA)
● Driver, front passenger, side, curtain and knee airbags
● HAC (Hill Start Support System)
● DBC (Hill Descent Assist System)

Since we have briefly listed the prominent hardware, we can move on to the details you need to know specifically. Let's start with the blind spot imaging assistant first. Traditionally, blind spot assistants gave warnings through signals in the mirrors. Kia engineers decided to change this and added a monitor feature.

Vehicles in the blind spot can be seen through the monitor on the Kia Sorento's display screen.

Thanks to the Head Up Display or the ghost display screen, as it is often used in Turkey, drivers can move without taking their eyes off the road. Intelligent Cruise Control with Stop and Go feature allows the vehicle to move for kilometers on its own and to stop when the vehicle in front of it stops and moves when it moves. The driver only needs to touch the steering wheel when the buzzer sounds.

Vehicle Selections by Purpose of Use

If your purpose of use is to make more roads and have an off-road experience, you can buy an upper-middle or upper class SUV 4×4 vehicle. Vehicles in this class, which have a larger interior volume and higher engine capacity, also make a difference in performance. In this way, you can have a comfortable driving experience outside the city and on rough terrain.

If it is going to be used in the city, it may be more appropriate to choose a small or compact SUV. Thus, there is no parking problem in the city and the maneuverability of the drivers increases. In addition, advantages are obtained in terms of usage cost.

If you are looking for a 4×4 SUV, you can examine the Sorento or Sportage models and choose the model that best suits your needs.

2022 Sorento Maintenance, Service and Insurance Services

For the 2022 model Sorento, you can take advantage of the Kia Motor Insurance service and get the best motor insurance opportunities from Turkey's leading insurance companies. Thanks to Kia Motor Insurance, which stands out with its attractive prices, it is possible to do all of the repairs or replacements through Kia Authorized Technical Services.

It is enough to make an appointment for maintenance and service procedures. In Kia Authorized Technical Service appointments, the authorities will share every detail your vehicle needs with you and help Sorento work with its first day performance. You can also purchase Kia Sorento accessories through authorized technical services.

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