Audi in the FIA ​​Formula 2026 World Championship from 1

From Audi at the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship
Audi in the FIA ​​Formula 2026 World Championship from 1

Audi announced that it will take part in the Formula 1 organization with a press conference held at the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix held in Spa-Francorchamps. The meeting was attended by AUDI AG Chairman of the Board Markus Duesmann and Technical Development Board Member Oliver Hoffmann, as well as Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali and International Automobile Federation (FIA) President Muhammed ben Sulayem.

Our sustainability goal is common

Stating that motorsport is an integral part of Audi DNA, Markus Duesmann said, “We see Formula 1 as a global stage for our brand. same zamIt's a pretty tough development lab for us right now. This organization, which is a combination of high performance and competition, zammoment is the driving force of innovation and technology transfer. With its new rules, it's the right way for Audi to get involved. zamI think it's the moment; because Formula 1 and Audi pursue clear sustainability goals.” provided information.

As it is known, Formula 2026, which focuses on more electrification and advanced sustainable fuel with its new technical rules that will be effective from 1, has set itself an ambitious target of being a carbon neutral racing series by 2030.

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We support the transformation of Formula 1

Oliver Hoffmann, who stated that a new Formula 1 could be mentioned considering the great technological breakthrough of the series towards sustainability, said: “Formula 1 is transforming and we, as Audi, support this journey. The close relationship between our Formula 1 project and the Technical Development department of AUDI AG will enable the necessary synergy.” said.

Foreseeing that the electrical power to be provided by the power units consisting of an electric motor, battery, control electronics and an internal combustion engine will clearly increase compared to today's Formula 1 driving systems, Audi, one of the most important conditions of its inclusion in the series, is the use of advanced sustainable fuel, high efficiency 1.6-liter turbo engines. It will take place in this organization with the condition of using it as of 2026.

Popular in key markets and younger target groups

Formula 1, which attracts great attention globally and whose racing series is one of the most accessible sports events in the world, is recognized worldwide, is highly emotional and technologically advanced, and is organized in all relevant markets of the brand, responding to all the requirements of Audi regarding this organization.

With more than 2021 billion TV views in 1,5, Formula 1 is popular and trending in key markets such as China and the USA, and continues to rise among young target groups. On social media, Formula 1 currently has the highest growth rates among the world's most popular sports.

The series, which is a great platform for the world's most challenging electric races, attracts the attention of automobile manufacturers in this sense. Audi plans to have the opportunity to prove its “Vorsprung durch Technik” in this competitive environment.

The power unit will be developed at the Neuburg facilities

The power unit that Audi will use for Formula 1 will be developed at Audi Sport's state-of-the-art Competence Center Motorsport in Neuburg an der Donau.

Audi Sport General Manager Julius Seebach said that they will build on their expertise in motor sports in the development and production of powertrains to be used in Formula 1. We will also employ highly specialized professionals.”

In Neuburg, where the F1 engine project will be carried out, the necessary system for electric motor and battery tests is still installed. Additional preparations required in terms of personnel, buildings and technical infrastructure are also being made rapidly, and everything that needs to be done by the end of the year has been planned. Near zamAt the same time, a separate company started its activities as a wholly owned subsidiary of Audi Sport for the power unit project. Adam Baker, who is well-known by the motor sports community, has been appointed to the management of the company in question and therefore the CEO of the Formula 1 project.

Formula 1 Audi's new milestone in motorsport

Audi Sport brings together its strengths for the Formula 1 project and also ends the LMDh project. The motorsport division has recently suspended work on developing sports cars for endurance racing. However, Audi Sport continues its innovation project with the RS-Q e-tron at the Dakar Rally, and the future remains its goal of achieving a victory in the desert.

Stating that Audi Sport is the set of standards in many categories such as the World Rally Championship, World Sportscar Championship, DTM, Le Mans Formula E, Julius Seebach said, “Audi's entry into Formula 1, the restructuring of the motor sports division and the same zamIt also marks the end of the formative period at Audi Sport GmbH. Now Formula 1 will be the next major milestone in Audi's motorsport history.” said.

Julius Seebach, who was brought in charge of motorsports at Audi in 2020 and who brought Audi Sport GmbH to record sales and earnings figures many times, has been involved in AUDI AG since September 1, reporting directly to the Board of Directors in the field of Technical Development, creating a new strategic business area. will undertake. Seebach will be replaced by Rolf Michl, who has served as Head of Racing Operations at Audi Sport since February.

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