Tesla Becomes First Electric to Climb Mount Everest

Tesla Mount Everest Climbed First Electric
Tesla Becomes First Electric to Climb Mount Everest

From the days when the performance of the electric car was questioned and it was said that this slope could not be climbed, the world's highest mountain Everest (Qomolangma Mountain / in Chinese) was climbed. zamWe have come to the moments. Of course, the ever-expanding network of Tesla Superchargers made this climb possible. In the drive, which included Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y vehicles, the models reached Mount Everest Base Camp. The incredible journey was filmed, compiled and edited earlier this week by Tesla's official channel in Greater China. YouTubePublished in .

Chinese vlogger Trensen states that he decided to embark on this adventure as soon as he learned that this route was also included in Tesla's Supercharger network. When Trensen told his peers about his intentions to go to Mount Everest (5200m) in his Tesla, everyone thought it was a crazy idea. Thus, Trensen began his super-long journey from Chongqing city to Everest Base Camp.

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