Countdown Has Started for TransAnatolia

Countdown Has Started For TransAnatolia
Countdown Has Started for TransAnatolia

Organized with the support of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation TOSFED and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency TGA, TransAnatolia will start in Hatay on August 12 and end in Eskişehir on August 2.500 with a race route of 20 km in its 27th year. In addition to Turkey, this year there are participants from Italy, France, England, the Netherlands and Australia in TransAnatolia, where a total of 56 vehicles, 28 of which are rally and 84 are raids, will participate in motorcycle, quad, SSV, automobile and truck categories.

Organized with the main sponsorship of Expo'21 Hatay and Ducati/Korlas, with the support of Spor Toto, General Tire, Izeltaş, Fikirmedia, Jules Verne and 4x4Europarts, TransAnatolia will start with the start ceremony to be held at Hatay Expo on Saturday, 20 August at 18.00:18.15. Expo'21 Hatay ranking stage will be held. Competitors will set off with the goal of Karatepe Aslantaş National Park on August 21, pass over the peaks of the Amanos Mountains on this route, and reach Kayseri by overcoming the 2.300-meter peaks. Continuing the race, the competitors, who started from Kayseri and returned to Kayseri, have Aladağlar as their target for the next day.

The tough road conditions of the Bolkar Mountains will be waiting for the racers who will pass the peaks of approximately 3.000 meters and stay in the area where the thermal facilities are located in Çiftehan. Then the target is Salt Lake. Competitors who will cover 80% of the stage in roadless environments will reach the camping area in Haymana. On the last day of the race, you will reach Eskişehir by passing through a different geography between Haymana and Eskişehir and the race will come to an end.

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