What is a prosecutor, what does he do, how to be? Prosecutor Salaries 2022

What is a Prosecutor What Does He Do How To Be Prosecutor Salaries
What is a Prosecutor, What Does He Do, How to Become Prosecutor Salaries 2022

The prosecutor is the person who acts on behalf of the state and conducts the investigation and investigation, in case he receives the news of the crime or sees the crime in person. Prosecutors prepare an indictment as a result of their investigations and investigations.

What Does a Prosecutor Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Prosecutor; detects an illegal situation through a notice, complaint or a different channel. zamAn is the person who examines the subject within the framework of the law and conducts research and investigation. Prosecutors may conduct investigations and investigations even if there is no complaint, in cases where a public action is required by law. The main duties and responsibilities of prosecutors are listed as follows;

  • Ensuring the collection of evidence related to the parties to the lawsuit,
  • To follow the forensic examination of people who died in cases such as willful murder or negligent killing,
  • Prepare an indictment
  • To defend the rights of victims or the public.

What It Takes to Become a Prosecutor

There are several different types of prosecutors in Turkey's current legal regime. The first and most well-known of these are public prosecutors. In order for a person to become a public prosecutor, universities must complete a 4-year Faculty of Law. Law graduates who are successful in the exam organized jointly by the Ministry of Justice and ÖSYM are appointed as primary officers after working as trainee prosecutors. Provincial or district public prosecutors can also work in institutions such as the Supreme Court, depending on their professional progress and abilities. Another type of prosecutor is the Council of State prosecutor's office. Those who want to be a prosecutor of the Council of State must first complete the 4-year education programs of the Faculty of Law or faculties such as Economics and Administrative Sciences, Economics and Finance. Graduates of the relevant departments, after passing the exam prepared by the Ministry of Justice and ÖSYM, work as intern administrative judges and fulfill the necessary conditions. zamThe moment works as an administrative judge. After having sufficient experience and professional development in the field of administrative jurisdiction, he is appointed as the prosecutor of the Council of State.

Prosecutor Salaries 2022

Prosecutors, working gradually in 2022, consist of 8 degrees in total. Prosecutor salaries in 2021 are as follows:

  • The salary of the prosecutor, who has just started his profession at the 8th degree, at the 7/3 degree, is 9 thousand 250 TL,
  • At the 7th degree, at the 7/1 degree, the salary of an experienced prosecutor for 3 years is 9 thousand 500 TL,
  • The salary of the prosecutor with 6 years of experience in the 6/1 degree of the 5th degree is 9 thousand 750 TL,
  • Prosecutors with 5 years of experience in the 5th degree, 1/7 degree, 10 thousand TL,
  • The salary of a 4-year-experienced prosecutor in the 4th degree 1/9 seniority is 10 thousand 450 TL,
  • Salary of 3 years experienced prosecutor in 3rd degree 1/11 seniority is 11 thousand TL,
  • The salary of a 2-year-experienced prosecutor in the 2th degree 1/13 seniority is 11 thousand 250 TL,
  • Salary of 1 years experienced prosecutor in 1st degree and 1/18 seniority is 13 thousand TL,
  • 1 thousand 4 TL for the first class prosecutor with 13/500 seniority,
  • The first class prosecutor with 1 years of experience in the 4/24 degree is paid close to 16 thousand 500 TL.

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