What is a Physiotherapist, What Does He Do, How To Become? Physiotherapist Salary 2022

Physiotherapist Salary
What is a Physiotherapist, What Does He Do, How to Become a Physiotherapist Salary 2022

Physiotherapist is the title given to the professional group that implements appropriate physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment programs for patients according to the diagnosis made by the specialist physician. It implements programs for the treatment of diagnosed diseases such as age-related muscle disorders, injuries, congenital disabilities, and movement system disorders.

What Does a Physiotherapist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The job description of a physiotherapist is often confused with "Physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist". Physiotherapists are not responsible for diagnosing disease. They carry out the treatment process of the diagnosed disease. The job description of physiotherapists can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Working with professionals such as doctors and nurses,
  • Organizing physical exercise sessions,
  • Provide education and advice to patients about exercise and movement.
  • Helping the elderly with physical problems,
  • Teaching trauma patients to walk again; be able to use related equipment such as splints, crutches and wheelchairs,
  • To encourage customers to develop a healthy lifestyle with strength, flexibility, balance and coordination factors,
  • Motivating patients during treatment to help them see the best improvement.
  • To be informed about the latest developments in the profession,
  • To report the treatment process.

How to Become a Physiotherapist?

It is sufficient for individuals who want to become a physiotherapist to graduate from the "Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation" departments of universities with a bachelor's degree.

Required Qualities of a Physiotherapist

The qualifications sought in physiotherapists who can work in institutions such as hospitals, physical therapy centers, nursing homes, private sports clinics are as follows;

  • To be strong in communication and empathy,
  • To have knowledge of anatomy and physiology,
  • Ability to use technical equipment such as heat pack, ice pack, exercise equipment, ultrasound and electrotherapy,
  • To guide patients with different personality types,
  • Giving importance to patient privacy and ethical values,
  • Being patient, responsible and smiling

Physiotherapist Salary 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries of those working in the physiotherapist position are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 6.220 TL, the highest 11.110 TL.

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